I Flunked Hitchhiking [podcast]

I Flunked Hitchhiking [podcast]

Hey Team,

Yesterday was pretty rough. I spent almost twelve hours either on a bus or waiting for a bus and didn’t have my first bite of food until 10 o’clock…at night. I also had my first big Amtrekker failure. And lucky you, you get to watch! Hope you enjoy my misery.

As always if you have problems with the player or with Quicktime you can head to iTunes and download it there our click here and watch the youtube version.

I’m done.


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7 Replies to “I Flunked Hitchhiking [podcast]”

  1. Dude, so sad….

    Hitchiking is an art that must only be engaged in the right circumstances that favour a positive outcome. NJ at night, not favourable… even in good situations (like near Whistler, on Vancouver island in Australia near hippie towns I’ve waited for a couple of hours sometimes.

    What’s the plan now since you missed the rollercoaster? Does this mean that you are on the road til April for sure? It might take that long anyways to get through ths list, maybe it’ll just be the last thing you do? Heck, I just realized I’m asking you about making plans, that’s just stupid.

    big hugs to you, have a fun trek to Boston, I’m sure those douche bags will cheer you up a bunch!

  2. ah, yeah. It’s okay. You’ll get through this and you’ll feel really good when you do. For the Grand Canyon trip… you really want to plan for spring time anyway because you can freeze to death in winter and dehydrate in summer. Good luck Brett!!

  3. That sucks man, sorry to see that. Hitchiking ain’t what it used to be. The one great thing out of that podcast is your singing “Sweet Caroline” on the side of the road, probably as the Sox were playing. Nice.

  4. Thanks for all the support guys! Don’t worry about me…I’m a tough cookie. I mean…if I were a cookie, that is.

    Actually, if I WERE a cookie I think I would be something tastier than a tough cookie. Something more universally liked. Chocolate chip maybe. I’ll go ponder that…

  5. in with another suggestion: Maybe you can convince some other roller coaster operator to run their thing really fast for you once, making it temporarily the fastest

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