I Swung Danced [video]

I Swung Danced [video]

Hey Team,

I had an unexpectedly entertaining night jam packed with me making a fool of myself. You may not all know this, but as it turns out, the music portion of my brain is either missing or broken. As a result, my ability to listen to music is almost non-existent. This makes some relatively simple tasks much more difficult than they should be. Dancing would be one of those tasks.

And now, thanks to the wonder and magic (not a Disney Cruise Line joke) of the internet, I get to share my deficiencies with the whole world! Wow…this may have been a bad idea. But here it is anyway. A quick and dirty (and short) video of my night of swing dancing. Quick corollary: 1. My partner, Lenka, was an INCREDIBLE teacher and a billion times better than I make her look and 2. I had a REALLY good time and it made me want to not suck. I’ll be looking into swing dancing when I get back home…whenever that might be.

This video wont get posted to iTunes or the podcast RSS feed. So here on Amtrekker and YouTube are the only options this time around. It might start being a little more commonplace to see shoddily produced short clips appear here every now and again without them getting the full blown podcast treatment. Basically that means more videos. Do you kids have an opinion? Would these sketchy videos detract from the slighter better made podcasts or do they add to the overall experience? Let me know.

Okay, I’m done.


If you liked this video, why not buy me a right foot to exchange with one of my lefts?

Don’t let me stop you.

5 Replies to “I Swung Danced [video]”

  1. Nice! Those people that don’t suck (not you) make that look really fun! Now i’ve got to learn to tango, salsa, AND swing. Apparently dry-humping girls on a dancefloor to latin music just doesn’t count like it used to…

  2. Did you get sticky palms cuz you were so nervous being so close to a girl! I bet you did you motor-boatin-son-a-gun!

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