TASTHIB – City Museum – St. Louis, MO [podcast]

TASTHIB – City Museum – St. Louis, MO [podcast]

Hey Team,

On my last day in St. Louis I finally took everyone’s advice and checked out the City Museum, a magical land of wonder and recycled architecture.

Seriously guys, this place rocked. It’s made completely out of recycled products. People tear down a building or are looking to get rid of their private jet and these guys say, “Do you mind if we just turn that into something awesome instead of letting you throw it into the trash?”

Thanks to everyone that recommended that place. It was, in a word…Incredible. I doubt this podcast could ever do it justice. But here goes nothing.

And here’s that youtube link!

I’m done.


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3 Replies to “TASTHIB – City Museum – St. Louis, MO [podcast]”

  1. I now have exactly three reasons to go visit St. Louis, that place looks like my recurring dream of what George-Heaven looks like…

  2. Dude. Don’t underestimate how awesome that place was!

    And I hate you for making me ask…What are the other two reasons?

    Anheiser Busch and giant horses?

  3. You mixed them up – george’s other two are actually Anheiser horses and giant busch.

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