Day in the Life – Traveling to SLC [podcast]

Day in the Life – Traveling to SLC [podcast]

HA! Made it!

With time to spare even. If the train hadn’t been late in Reno I couldn’t have done it. Way to be quasi-lame Amtrak!

Enjoy my day.

[update] Here’s the youtube link for the podcast.

OH! It’s here!



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8 Replies to “Day in the Life – Traveling to SLC [podcast]”

  1. Oh man! If you hadn’t completed your “resolution” I was going to have my goons in SLC make you some cement loafers. You escaped me this time amtrekker… but I will get you some day. (evil laugh).

    I liked the video. especially the last 2 minutes of nothing. And i watched it like a sucker thinking there would be a surprise at the end. Maybe you will get those cement shoes afterall… Is “swimming” in the great salt lake on your list?

  2. HAHA nice. So that last long black part…was that you dreaming about the Sierra Nevada’s? 😉

    Seriously though, nice last minute one, I giggled a lot hah

  3. Ooops…teehee. That last two minutes is what happens when you’re frantically rushing to hit a self-imposed deadline.

    Fixed it! Hope you guys liked it.

  4. I really liked the travel shots. I know you have the list to show but your seeing alot a sites that I think most everybody would like to share with you. Many people, like my self will never get to see the America your seeing.

  5. You hear that!? Popamtrekker said that Salt Lake is the greatest place on the planet(context schmontext)! Wise, that one is. Listen to your fazsha, young padawan.

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