Quitters Never Prosper

Quitters Never Prosper

Hey Team,

Anyone know of a hitchhiking 101 course I could crash at a local JC or anything? What is it about hitchhiking and colossal failures in the world of Amtrekker? I JUST got picked up 19 miles outside of Nashville by Chase, one of the guys I’ve been staying with for the last few days, after spending the last SEVEN hours “hitchhiking.”

Yeah, you read that right, NINETEEN miles in SEVEN hours. That’s 2.71 miles per hour…I might as well have started walking to Little Rock.

Bottom line: I’m a quitter. Once it was clear I wasn’t going to be picked up in the dark I called Chase, who earned a gold star by coming to my rescue, and then promptly caved and bought a bus ticket for the 12:40 am bus.

I hate that.

I’m done.


Anyone want to help pay for a bus ticket?

You never know, you might get a good pedophile story out of it.

5 Replies to “Quitters Never Prosper”

  1. Aww thats sad! I’m sorry, what a yucky day!

    Annnnd Christmas in Tahoe?? Neat if it happens 🙂 …call me about this. Tomorrow.

  2. Oh and maybe on the bus ride you could TRY to beat my high score at brick breaker…its taking you awhile sucker!!

  3. i cannot tell you how much i HATE my computer right now!!! i saw the headline “I’m a quitter” and i clicked on the blog. i was mildly upset because i thought it meant that you were going home. but then my computer CRASHED and i couldn’t read the blog for about 5 minutes…needless to say, my mind was thinking up all kinds of horrible things that could have happened to make you quit. i am sad that you had a rough time hitchhiking, but ecstatic that you are not quitting the amtrekker quest! better luck next time, and NO MORE “I QUIT” TITLES!!!

  4. I’m sorry, sleepyrobin! It’ll never happen again. Besides, you people should know better. What could possible happen that would make ME quit?

  5. radioactive ebola ritualistically sacrificing your leukocytes over an open flame maybe?

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