Show Me…Good People

Show Me…Good People

Hey Team,

I’ve had a couple experiences recently that have done a great job of backing up my belief that the world is FILLED with awesome people eager to help a stranger in need…or maybe just help a stranger regardless of whether or not they are “in need.” The exciting thing is these experiences weren’t even first hand!

So what has me so excited about anecdotal evidence? Well, mostly it puts to rest the idea that I am the only one affecting the positive experiences that I HAVE had first hand on this trip.

So, rather than tell you guys stories second hand (and I’m really excited about this so don’t let me down) I made a thread in the forum for everyone (EVERYONE…this is your homework people. I’m not blind and I have fancy software. I know that HUNDREDS of people read this everyday…so you lurkers better pony up and stop putting the burden on the fifteen people that leave comments) to leave their story about an experience when a stranger swooped in to save the day.

Maybe they just pulled over to help when the car broke down. Maybe they gave you a couple bucks for gas. Maybe they took a bullet for you. Maybe they saw that you only had one item in the checkout stand and let you go ahead. I don’t care, just show me that people are good, that you experienced it first hand and for the sake of my incessant curiosity…DO THIS.

Okay. Here’s the link.



AND, if you want to be that good person that people write about then…

Don’t let me stop you.

2 Replies to “Show Me…Good People”

  1. uh, danielle – if that is your real name – where be your good people story? They are as wonderful to tell as they are to read. indulge us, and I too shall pick my own brain to recall the receiving end of benevolence if I can.

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