Hey Team,

I was going to post another video today, (I have two ready, one of my ride to Mansfield, Pennsylvania where I’ll be spending Thanksgiving this year and one of the “Jump the Gun Turkey Run” which was basically this last weekend’s pre-Thanksgiving in Boston.) but somehow neither seemed appropriate enough for this holiday.

This is more of a holiday of introspection and since I’ve had so much time for introspection lately I figure I’m well suited to send some extrospection (There’s about a 98% chance that’s not a word. But the beautiful thing about English is you probably got the point anyway.) your way.

I fully recognize that I’m the smallest piece of the Amtrekker puzzle. Amtrekker would not exist without the help of literally HUNDREDS of people. This has been such a fascinating experience for me (and hopefully for you) because so much of what this trip is about has either nothing to do with me or is completely out of my control. Everyday I’m left dangling at the whim of complete strangers and so far I’ve yet to feel let down or slighted in the least.

Maybe I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I am so impressed by the kindness of strangers that I’m just plain incapable of staying quite on the subject. And I know I’ve probably beaten this into the ground before too, but no matter what your political or personal views and no matter how wrong things are capable of going on an international level, you’d be hard pressed to travel this country in this manner and not be proud to be a part of it’s citizenry. Maybe our leaders aren’t always up to snuff, but on the streets we’re chocked full of good people that working together are capable of great things.

How do we make those great things happen?

How should I know, I’m just a homeless vagrant.

But I can tell you this: If there’s anything I’m thankful for it’s that we, as a people, have that pure undiluted POTENTIAL and that so many have used the good that we all share to help me along the way.

Selfish? Probably.

But I’m still thankful…AND proud.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m done.


Ah, what the heck…it’s Thanksgiving!

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The pilgrims would have.