Hey Team,

I don’t have a story for today, but I do have an update. There’s been a lot of behind the scenes action going on the last couple days as I’ve been trying to find a new way to bring in a couple dollars to the site to support the adventure. Things are moving forward now so we’ll see if anything shakes loose. (That always reminds me of Beetlejuice.)

The new podcast should be done later today (worst case scenario: drop the “r” in that last sentence and add bold caps). It’ll be about the Crayola Factory Tour and it’s about half done as I interrupt myself to type this note.

Tomorrow is the Maine adventure (Get it? Huh? S ee what I did there…Maine? Main? Man, I kill me.) But I’m SO not looking forward to being cold. All right, Team. Talk to you soon.

I’m done.


One Reply to “Update”

  1. You viscious PANSY, you’re acting like a bigger baby about being cold than a seven year old Hawaiian Girl who’s naked and in the arctic. Suck it up, punch yourself in the nuts so you remember you got ’em, and don’t come back with frostbite. That was MY HAIKU. I win…

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