Last Minute Costume Idea

Last Minute Costume Idea

Hey Team,

I know how stressful it can be to be scrounging around for a costume idea at the last minute. So, in an effort to make all your lives just a little bit easier I was able to dig up this pattern for a Halloween costume circa 1936. I’m here for you Team, call me a problem solver.

Halloween Pattern

Glad I could help.

I’m done.


If you enjoyed the last minute costume idea then feel free to provide some funds for my own costume!

Don’t let me stop you.

3 Replies to “Last Minute Costume Idea”

  1. 2 bits for all that!? I’ll take it! that is 100% of the shorts you have, 33% of your shirts, the official Amtrekker hat, your belt, your video camera, and a laniard which I am sure will not disappoint.
    25c for the best ensemble, and $9 for the mac and cheese I owe you now… and this quagmire of indebtedness shall burden me no more!

  2. 25 cents is a bit steep. Afterall, I do work for Disney. I think that I might have to go with the knock of version. It’s called THE AMTRAKKER. It’s basically the same costume, but it’s made of really uncomfortable plastic. It can be found in many of the popular 1 cent stores around the area.

  3. I just saw the all new Knock-Off of the Knock-Off version. It’s called THE AMTRUCKER. This kit comes with it’s own “I Heart Wal*Mart” shirt and a mullet.

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