Whose life is it anyway?

Whose life is it anyway?

Hey Team,

Wow. What a surreal day. Have you ever had that feeling that the life you’re leading maybe isn’t yours? Say, hypothetically, one day you suddenly find yourself thinking, “What will my life been when I’m 26? Will I be married? Will I have a kid? What kind of steady job will I have?” And then, just as suddenly, you realize you already are 26 and you’re homeless, unemployed and helping the guy you just met today (whose couch you’re sleeping on) study for his Quantum Mechanics test.

This is after you walked five miles in the ridiculous Florida humidity to get to the nearest bus stop and finally reached the point of complete filth saturation. That point at which it would actually be impossible for you to get dirtier and the only thing the filth is left to do is burrow into your skin and create a perma-bum situation that you definitely aren’t looking forward to.

All this on top of the fact that you suddenly find yourself with the number seven spot on “Today’s Top Podcasts” in the Places & Travel category on iTunes. All thanks to some awesome friends you’ve made who produce an equally awesome podcast that can easily be found over at www.totallyradshow.com.

Hypothetically, of course.

How weird would that be? Answer: very.

And this is me speaking from experience. Seriously team, it’s been a REALLY weird 24 hours and I’m just now able to start moving fast enough to catch up to reality before it crosses the finish line without me.

So, while I’m busy trying to wrap my head around my own life I’d like to take a quick time out to thank Dan, Jeff, Alex and Steve over at the Totally Rad Show. If you like movies, TV and/or video games (and the occasional comic book) don’t miss them. They’re great guys and worth checking out.

Even if you find yourself saying, “But Brett, the only reason I even risk delving into the interwebs is to visit your site.” Then I say to you, “You’re in luck. If you head over to www.totallyradshow.com you can watch their latest show in which they talk a little bit about amtrekker.” And because I’m sneaky like that I know in the process you’ll find yourself enjoying everything they say and suddenly wish next Wednesday would come faster so you can watch another episode of TRS.

Okay, I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

One Reply to “Whose life is it anyway?”

  1. Nice plug there Brett. Heh.

    For those that check TRS out. I strongly suggest starting at episode one.

    There are ongoing jokes that will just fly over your head if you don’t.

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