Hey Team,

Today is the 365th day of Amtrekker. (Although officially tomorrow is the first anniversary…wacky leap year.) It’s hard to believe I’m still out on the road after all this time. I’m not sure which PART is hard to believe. Is it more of a surprise that it has taken me this long to accomplish my goals or that I’ve actually managed to afford being homeless and unemployed this long?

Regardless, I know I couldn’t be doing this without help and it’s amazing how many people have come together to make Amtrekker happen. Whether it be a small donation or the opportunity to hang glide or drive a racecar or even just being there to follow along and spread the word it’s amazing how much you have all done for me in the last year. I feel like, quite literally, I’m the smallest piece of the puzzle here and I’m just glad that I have the ability to share my adventures with all of you in turn.

So, although tomorrow is the “big day” and this weekend will be the celebratory trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon I can’t help but think of this as an important day and get lost in reflection every time I sit still.

Basically I just wanted to make sure I took a day to thank all of you for helping make this adventure possible and take this moment in particular to ask about your opinions on the last year. Is there anything I can do to make things more enjoyable for you folks? Is there something different you would like to see in the videos? Do you have a “favorite” video from the last year?

In short: What do you think about what’s already happened and how can I improve on that for whatever comes next?

Thank you all so much!

There’s still so much to do. I’m not done yet.


There’s a long way to go. If you want to help out (and enjoy following along) feel free to donate!

Don’t let me stop you.