Impulse vs. Intelligence: Round 1

Impulse vs. Intelligence: Round 1

Hey Team,

I’m unbelievably frustrated at myself right now. I’m sitting here staring at page after page of information on the webernets trying to make a decision about what I should be doing tomorrow. I wish you guys could read this fast enough to give me some timely advice but I’ll need to have made my decision by then…so, way to be no help whatsoever, Team. (Kidding. You’re awesome. Don’t hurt me.)

Here are the facts:

1. There’s a Civil War reenactment tomorrow and Sunday, six hours away in North Carolina.

2. I’m not guaranteed an opportunity to take part in the reenactment.

3. The battlefield is 13.1 miles from the bus stop and the place I have to stay is 16.2 miles from the battlefield and the only transportation options are my feet or hitch hiking.

4. If I stay at the battlefield I’d have to luck into someone with an extra sleeping bag and a willingness to let a stranger share their tent.

5. Low of 31 degrees in NC.

6. There are plenty more Civil War Reenactments scheduled for the winter months.

7. If I go to Alabama to go ride a horse through a covered bridge then I’m giving super short notice to Laura, the lady that wrote into the site.

8. The closest bus stop in Alabama is an hour and a half drive from where I would be staying.

These facts all lead to one undeniable, intelligent decision. I should just stay here in Virginia one more day, skip the reenactment and work out the details for Alabama. BUT I hate the idea of not going to a reenactment that is already so close to me (relatively speaking). BUT I hate the idea of freezing to death in the middle of the night without a place to stay. So…I guess the crux of the problem is that I’m really good at making really bad decisions.

It doesn’t help that in my head I believe that I lead a semi-charmed life and things have a way of working out when I rush headlong into poorly planned situations. During the summer months it wasn’t that big of a deal to get stuck somewhere. It was warm enough to sleep outside without a sleeping bag and I had a rail pass if I needed to leave in a hurry or sleep on a train. Now things are a little more complicated and my “balls out” tendencies could just end up causing problems.

SO. To sum up: The SMART thing to do is stay where I am tomorrow. The thing I really WANT to do is go try to weasel my way into a Civil War reenactment.

I’m a pretty bright kid and I have street smarts oozing out my ears…but I also seem to have this freakin’ impulsive streak that kind of negates any intelligence I may possess in these situations. I know I can recognize the smart decision, now let’s see if I can choose it.

Wish me luck.

I’m done.


If you can’t donate a decision maybe you should just donate some dollars?

It’s worth thinking about.

2 Replies to “Impulse vs. Intelligence: Round 1”

  1. NO NO NO NO. Stay in Virginia. I don’t care how boring you think your stories will be if you don’t go to the reenactment, you’ll be soo mad at yourself for going if you do and think about how freaking cold you would be. Are you crazy?!

  2. What is life if not one bad decision followed by dozens more trying to correct it? Adam and Eve did it and look what happened – apples. Books. White Cheddar Popcorn. It’s the bad decisions I make that help me truly appreciate things like pennicillin, listerine, and caller ID.
    What better way to test the inherent generousity of strangers than to put yourself in a position as uncomfortable as a prison shower or the back of a VW?
    Here’s something i think everyone can relate to:
    Like most, I was born. I grew up on a small farm in kentucky growing bluegrass, and anytime I did something worth complaining about my great uncle Euclissities “Parsnips Parfait” Leviathan III would remind me that ‘all the things we hate build character’…then his arm was chopped off and it taught me a very valuable lesson: Never Plan Ahead and never try to steal a tin foil hat from a sleeping raccoon. Necessity inspires creativity, I say. So get on that impulse bandwagon and ride the golden honey waves of adventure!

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