Anniversary Sonnet

Anniversary Sonnet

Hey Team,

Today is the “official” one-year anniversary of Amtrekker. Although yesterday was the 365th day thanks to leap year it was July 4th, 2007 when this adventure began. I’ve said it before but it’s still tough to believe things are still going.

I gave you haikus on day 100. I gave you limericks on day 200. I got angry emails on day 301 for the lack of poetry. So for the one-year anniversary I decided to rise to a new challenge.

The Amtrekker Sonnet:

Shall I compare a year of homelessness
To a year of slavery to routines?
Is it fair to say that “living the list”
Is worth not having a spare pair of jeans?
When again you wake to the alarm clock
Take note of the expression on your face.
Rather to give up; be outlined in chalk?
Or set new goals and prepare to give chase?
I took a road few would dare to travel.
It makes for an uncomfortable life.
A road to adventure paved with gravel.
But one where the excitement trumps the strife.
So long as there are things I need to do.
So long lives Amtrekker’s podcast for you.

There it is. Tougher than I thought it was going to be. Lucky for you guys I have to start my hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon first thing in the morning and Charley wont be joining me for this adventure. Which MEANS, you have plenty of time to write YOUR sonnets since I wont be able to update for the next few days!

And after all the crap I got for the lack of poetry on day 300 I better get some good ones!

Here are the rules:

14 lines read in iambic pentameter (which has more to do with the reading than the writing but the stress pattern is duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH)

10 syllables per line.

Rhyme scheme:


In theory the first quatrain (four lines) should be an exposition of the main theme and/or metaphor.

Second quatrain: The theme and metaphor are extended or complicated and examples are given.

Third quatrain: A twist or conflict is often introduced by a “but.”

Couplet (last two lines): Summarizes.

Obviously I took more than a few liberties with those last few rules (and I unabashedly ripped off Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18) so have fun! Let’s see what you’ve got! Just leave them in the comment section so everyone can see. And if you want to cop out and you feel more comfortable in the world of haikus then feel free to leave those too…quitter.

Thanks again for paying attention for the last year, Team!

I’m done here.


I’ll forgive the cop outs if you can find something other than poetry to donate *hint hint* *wink wink*!

*nudge nudge* Say no more.

4 Replies to “Anniversary Sonnet”

  1. ok now that is a massive load of rules and u know i’m not a very good rule-follower and thus tend to make up my own on occasion, but i’ll see what i can do. that was such a run-on sentence… see, i’m already failing at the english language. i may need some time for this one. i’ll bust this out later… stay tuned, friend.

  2. With green hat on head and laptop in tow
    our amtrekker set out across the land
    without a plan, or real places to go
    just a list he kept always in hand

    “strangers are friends you just haven’t met”
    was his credo throughout this whole venture
    he says he’ll go home when he’s done, but I’ll bet
    Brett will be still doing this when he’s in dentures

    cuz Brett sucks at planning, it’s sad but it’s true
    perhaps that green had has constricted his brain
    but still out of fifty he’s crossed off quite a few
    how you ask? it’s hard to explain

    Brett keep on trekking until you are through
    and I’ll be here the whole time to make fun of you


  3. I’ve figured out the problem with me
    My perfection is somewhat a sham
    For despite all of my modesty
    I don’t know how good looking I am

    Yes, I’ve dapper good looks and a wit oh so cunning
    And eyes like a caribbean sea
    At a glance you may think you saw Zeus out sunning
    But his lightning’s got nothing on me

    Wait a sec, is this to be about brett-it?
    Well, I’ll pass since I’m already done
    Start over? Well sir, I say you can forget it.
    For you’ve been taught narcissism’s more fun.

    Almost done w the list, I think you all would agree
    That his sole inspiration was little old me.

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