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Auditions for Icabod Crane

Hey Team,

Wow! It finally happened. For the last week and a half the awesome team over at CNN’s News To Me has been scrambling to try to put me, a horse and a covered bridge together at the same point in time and space. I can’t tell you how many calls I got from the Associate Producer, Grayson, that went something like this:

“Brett, that horse contact fell through but I think we might have another one…maybe.”

“Brett, there’s no way that bridge is going to work. It looks like we’re back to square one.”

“Brett, the other bridge I wanted to use is under construction right now…”

Meanwhile I was trying to get in touch with everyone I know in the Atlanta area in the hopes that someone could help out while watching the days on the calendar tick away. And yet, after almost a year and a half of similar situations working out time and again, even with the deadline of the Amtrekker party looming, I kind of felt like Geoffrey Rush’s character in Shakespeare in Love.

“Brett, I’m so sorry this isn’t working out. I feel terrible for getting you all the way out here and not being able to get you More >


Hey Team,

Here a copy of the email I sent out a couple days ago (follow the instructions therein if you haven’t already):

I just had a GREAT suggestion for all you folks that absolutely, without a doubt, don’t have a chance of making it this Saturday for the big homecoming! (For those of you that do have a chance, however slim, stop crying like little babies, suck it up and come have fun!)

If you can’t make it then it would be SUPER cool if you could just make a really quick video of yourself (quality doesn’t matter just shoot it on your webcam and I’ll be happy) that we can show at the celebration.

It doesn’t have to be impressive just a minute or two (or more, I’m not particular) of what your part in this grand play was, maybe an anecdote about how we met or what we did together or what you thought about me or the trip in general. Have fun! And if you can get me something in the next two or three days I promise to be your friend forever (depending on what you actually say about me I suppose).

Thanks, Team! This could be REALLY awesome and More >

Death of the Dog?

Hey Team,

If everything goes well this week then I JUST got off my last greyhound for a long, long time (I hope). I was curled up in the fetal position and unconscious for most of the ride so there are no good carny stories to come out of it but the was a surprise wakeup thanks to some shouted commands when a State Trooper chose Greyhound to transport a prisoner…so there’s that.

In other news: My friends over at CNN’s News To Me have been trying to line up a horse and a covered bridge for the final full item on the list. Things were looking pretty good for awhile but it looks like some last minute changes are in order. I have nothing but faith in the News To Me guys but I’m definitely a little nervous. Time to go make some magic happen!

Wish me luck!


The Daily Buzz

Hey Team,

I was on a morning show called The Daily Buzz this morning! They gave me a call a couple days ago from a San Diego number but I didn’t have my phone on me. When they called again yesterday I couldn’t answer because I was in an attraction at EPCOT. Eventually I called back, apologizing for remaining in “O’Canada!,” when they called…

“What?! You’re in town!”

“No, I’m in Orlando. Wait…what do you mean?”

Turns out The Daily Buzz tapes right her in “The Sunshine State!”

I even got to help host the weather!

Here’s the link: http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/uploads/amtrekker.mov

In other news: I won’t be riding the horse through the covered bridge in Atlanta until Tuesday so it’s going to be a mad dash across the country to get to Amtrekkapalooza in time!

AND, there are a few people that were a big part of this adventure that would love to make it to the big finish on October 25th but have limited funds so if anyone has any connections with airlines that can maybe get a few of these folks some cheap standby tickets let me know!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


Just for the record. Bookingbuddy really is a pretty rad website if you’re looking to plan a trip. More >

Not Safe For PETA

Hey Team,

Yesterday brought with it a five am wake up call, which brought with it some interesting new experiences. For instance I now know that there actually is a five am…and that it’s apparently legal to wake someone up at that time. Who knew?

On a brighter side (Hmm…interesting choice of words, brain. The sun wasn’t even up until 7:30.), the events following the slow crawl from a surprisingly comfy super-twin bed turned out to be MUCH cooler than I would have thought.

Getaway Girl and I were invited out to, her dad, Jimmy’s ranch to “help” round up about fifty cows that weren’t breeding to be taken to a “happier place.” I was probably exactly as helpful as you’d imagine.

After gathering the horses, we mounted up and made our way out to the pasture. What with my current reputation for falling off of everything I try to ride on and this being my first solid experience riding a horse I was understandably not 100% confident the day’s events would play out in my favor.

As I sat on top of “Woody,” (Wow. There’s GOT to be a better way to put that! It was the horse’s name! Woody. It’s not some sick…okay, let’s More >

#28 SCUBA Diving in the Atlantic! [*updated with pictures!*]

Hey Team,

Guess who went SCUBA diving in the Atlantic…

Hmm…this is a dumb game. I can’t even hear you.

Oh well. The answer: ME!

After heading down to Sebring, FL with The Getaway Girl and meeting her family (Who, I’m told, were pretty leery of homeless folk crashing their lodgings…until they met me.) we borrowed her dad’s SCUBA gear and shot east to Fort Pierce.

The easiest option was to dive from shore so after lying on the beach for a while trying figure out how I wanted to shoot the madness I handed the camera off to GG and started to suit up. It was a nice change from the Pacific Ocean in that stepping in the water didn’t instantly make me cringe and scream like a little girl from temperature shock. I didn’t even have to wear a wetsuit, which was kind of a novelty for me.

Eventually I managed to get my gear on (including flippers) without falling down and high step into the waves like an idiot with the entire coastline watching the one guy in SCUBA gear wondering why he’s planning on diving in murky water with a lobster basket tied to him when there have been Bull Shark sightings all More >

Life of Brian

Hey Team,

I’ve spent the last couple days hanging out with Brian Brushwood, host of Scam School on Revision3.com and all around good guy. He’s been putting me up and putting up with me while I’ve been in Orlando trying to figure out how I’m going to make SCUBA diving happen on my now incredibly tight schedule.

“But Brett, don’t you have a plan?”

Well, Mr. Disembodied Voice, I understand where you’re coming from, it’s only a little over two weeks before the big end of Amtrekker party so it would be safe to assume that I do know what I’m doing and everything is well scheduled.

Unless you knew me.

It looks like “Getaway Girl” is going to go out on a limb and see if she can’t make something happen since I’m obviously incapable. But in the meantime I’ve been having a great time.

I spent last night at Brian’s Bizarre Magic Show at Halloween Horror Nights “helping.” Which roughly translates to carrying a couple of props and hanging out all night while occasionally screaming like I just saw a ghost in my cell phone just in case no one else could.

After the show we walked around the theme park for awhile checking More >

Dirty Minds

Hey Team,

Here’s a little something I ran across yesterday that kind of (read: REALLY) bothered me. Granted, I was waiting at the airport ticketing desk in Los Angeles at four in the morning on no sleep so I probably wasn’t exactly in a happy-go-lucky mindset to begin with…

Behind me I hear something fall. (Nothing bigger than a waded up wrapper.)

“Hey Bob, you dropped something.” Bob’s friend leans into him and points at the floor drawing my eyes down to the wrapper at Bob’s foot.

“Meh, it’s just trash.” Horrified, now I can’t take my eyes off the wrapper…but Bob continues, “I was going to throw it away so I set it on my bag but it fell off. Not my fault.” Then he steps on the trash and rolls over it as the line moves forward!

Seriously?! I can’t believe people can do that! How much personal entitlement do you have to feel before you can convince yourself that 1) It’s not your fault YOUR trash ended up on the ground and 2) It’s not your responsibility to pick it back up?

It killed me inside to not walk away from the ticketing counter and pick up this dude’s trash in front More >

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