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A Night in Wolfe Manor [photos by CJ Johnson!]

Hey Team,

It’s been awhile since a new update has popped up here but a LOT has been going on behind the scene. I’ve been getting tons of “What’s next?” type questions and a lot of really great questions about wrap-ups. I decided to extend the party video to include some interviews from family members and their thoughts on Amtrekker so that has kind of been delayed…it should still make an appearance soon.

As far as other videos go there is plenty of excitement right around the corner and in the blog world there’s a lot to say about the past so those will occupy most of the updates for the next week or two. Keep your eyes peeled!

Okay…so what happened at the haunted house?

Brian, CJ, Stephen, Mike and I showed up at Wolfe Manor around 9:30 pm Friday night to set up shop and get ready to shoot our collective experience in what has been dubbed one of the most haunted properties in America. The anticipation alone had us all on edge. Standing outside one of the creepiest, most rundown places I’ve ever seen (outside of the Newark Greyhound terminal) the fog literally started to roll in.

To kill time while we More >

Wolfe Manor

Hey Team,

It looks like a new adventure has presented itself! It seems that just a couple weeks ago the team from Ghost Hunters dropped in to the old Clovis Sanitarium (soon to be Wolfe Manor) to do some…ghost hunting…

From what I hear they were blown away by what they saw. The episode will air on November 19th and we can all find out together what the details may be but you’re probably already asking, “What’s the big deal, Brett? Why do we care?”

Last week I got a call from some folks connected to the operation of this property who had heard my story and thought they could add a little something to my adventure. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Mostly because that’s what I’m good at…jumping into situations without thinking.

My first thought (which came well after agreeing to do an Amtrekker episode from what is proclaimed as one of the most haunted properties in America) was, “Well, I don’t believe in ghosts…but I’m also kind of a sissy who lets his imagination get away from him pretty regularly. This could very well be an incredibly creepy experience that I don’t want to run head first into alone.”

So, who do I More >

#2 Ride a Horse Through a Covered Bridge [podcast]

Hey Team,

Lots of stuff going on. Plenty of adventures around the corner. A new literary agent. A book proposal to write. But MOST importantly…everyone’s favorite videos are BACK! Today it’s the horse through through the covered bridge, the video of the party will be out in a few days and then it will be back to the old Wednesday at 6pm Pacific schedule! Ah, the good old days.

There are literally a TON (okay, not literally…it’s all digital so it really doesn’t take up much space) of videos still to come! Things will take on a slightly different format now that I’m back but there are still a lot of “Tales From the Wayback Machine” I’ve yet to show you guys! I’m pretty excited to be able to sit somewhere for an extended period of time without being kicked out so I can ramp up the production quality as much as I can.

Okay, less talk more action. Here it is:

“Amtrekker travels to Atlanta, GA where with the help of Grayson from CNN’s News To Me team, Betty Ann, Ginger, Chase and a horse named Danket he finally gets to live out a cartoon!

Flaming pumpkins ensue.”

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube More >

Halloween Raid

Hey Team,

Last Halloween my costume cost me less then ten bucks and not much more than ten minutes to fabricate. This year went a little bit differently. I still came in at under ten dollars but I spent HOURS trying to turn myself into the world’s largest cockroach.

The initial concept had me scurrying around on the ground thanks to a dolly strapped to my chest and a couple extra limbs flailing about. I should note however, the initial concept didn’t take into account the THREE DAYS it would take me just to make the mask for the costume.

As zero hour continued to approach I realized that not only would I be forced to cut some of the extra bits off the costume and cut more than a few corners on the parts I did still have time to work in but there was no way I was going to have enough time to help Katy with her costume…which was a stroke of genius.

As soon as I started talking up the giant cockroach costume at Amtrekkapalooza last week Katy jumped in head first with the bug spray idea. Little did we know what we were getting into.

After countless hours spent on More >

Hey, Amtrekker! WTF

Hey Team,

Here’s a quick update to keep all you crazy kids in the loop. I haven’t had a chance to edit the horse through the covered bridge footage or the Amtrekkapalooza footage yet but those will be the next two videos and they should both be up by the middle of next week.

The most notable reasons for this not being done yet are 1) I came down with some sort of rabid Greyhound virus literally the DAY I got back home (seriously, it probably would have killed a lesser trekker) and 2) I’ve been working on what is quite possibly the world’s most AMAZING Halloween costume! I’ll call the Guiness people tonight and find out for sure. I’ll let you know when I know.

In other news: Here’s a link to www.podcacher.com where Sonny and Sandy have posted audio from the big finish on show #189. Go check them out!

AND…here’s a link to some pictures from the big party courtesy of Tom Arthur! If anyone else has any pictures feel free to send them my way!

Last thing. The Boston guys are geniuses. This is how I’m going to spend NovemBEARD.

I’m done.


Seriously, team. No joke. BookingBuddy is AWESOME. It’s like a travel website aggregator More >

Party People

Hey Team,

Because of some weird technical stuff that isn’t worth explaining I had to bury today’s post deeper in the site.

It’s videos from some of the folks that couldn’t make it to the big Amtrekkapalooza! It will take awhile to load. LOTS of videos.





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The End. (kinda) [pictures later]

Hey Team,

I’m done.

That’s the first time I’ve ever had the chance to START a post with that line. Yesterday was completely surreal. Driving up to my house my stomach was filled with butterflies and I was even shaking with anticipation. As we pulled up to the gate of the two acre parcel my folks live on in Middle-Of-Nowhere, CA Ron Fairbanks walked up and blocked my entry.

Apparently, in my absence a vote was taken and I wasn’t even going to be allowed on the property where the homecoming party was being held until I found the final geocache. Eventually a horde of people gathered around and suddenly I was practically onstage wandering around in circles following a GPS I had never used before…poorly. I thought, “Geez, all these people are here just to watch me find a geocache…this is pretty intimidating. I guess I should at least make a show of it.”

Near ground zero according to the GPS was a small DSL box with the wiring running down a post. I figured I might as well look in a few places it was OBVIOUSLY never going to be hidden just to keep things interesting. I opened the DSL box and…Ka-KOW! More >

Bad News is Good?

Hey Team,

When I first moved to Los Angeles after college, before I had even landed my first job at an ad agency, I was watching a LOT of news. (The burden of being broke, unemployed and in a strange city without friends.) Naturally it didn’t take long before I started getting REALLY depressed. You all know as well as I do that local news is notorious for its overwhelmingly negative bent. Who among you has never asked the question, “Why don’t they ever have GOOD news?”

Yesterday I had my mind blown.

All of the credit for my exploding brain goes to Jaron Lowenstein. Although you could never change my mind on the subject of how debilitatingly depressing local news can be he did offer an enlightened viewpoint that I had never considered. I’ll just paraphrase:

It sucks that all you ever see on TV are shootings and wife beatings but there’s something reassuring in knowing that those actions are still out of the ordinary. We’re shown these things because they’re still shocking. It’s comforting when you think that people aren’t interested in seeing a story about how some guy takes little Johnny to school everyday and loves his wife because that’s what More >

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