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Been There Milked That

Hey Team,

What an incredible day! I wish you were all here with me! I guess this will just have to be the next best thing.

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks…or y’know, regular tacks will do too. Last you heard I was set to meet “Dan the Amish Man” (My name for him, not his. In fact I don’t think I would call him that to his face.) but let’s take a couple steps back for just a second.

I got off the train this morning after minimal sleep and walked across the street to the local bakery were I met Abby.

“Hey Abby, suppose I wanted to start walking vaguely in the direction of the nearest Amish Dairy. Which direction should I choose.”

“I’m not sure but there’s a market downtown and sometimes the Amish sell dairy products there.”

“Good start. Thanks!”

And it was a good start…great start even. It led me straight to Nina who was selling milk. Who recommended me to Rebecca the seller of fresh veggies. Who pointed me towards Rachel the fruit-stress (Does anyone really care if I just make words up once in a while?). Who pointed me towards Dan of the Donuts and his blue ribbon “Chow More >

Lancaster…no! Superfuncaster!

Hey Team,

This was too awesome not to throw up a quick update. (That’s throw up as in “put up quickly.” I don’t mean to suggest I just vomited on my keyboard and these words magically appeared.) I was wandering the streets of Lancaster, PA this morning looking for an Amish man with a cow I could milk (Which actually went better than you’d think it would.) when I saw a sign promoting all the great things Lancaster provides to the interested tourist. LOOK!

They have a field and a park AND a cemetery. If only I had time to take it all in.

In other news: I’m 1/48th of the way done with 32 after finding this geocache in Pennsylvania!

PLUS (as long as this sudden and all too biblical rain storm lets up) I’m suppose to meet the patriarch of an Amish family at their home at 5:30 because his son-in-law owns a dairy farm. Look out 9, I’m right on your tail! (So to speak.)

The bad news: Regardless of whether or not this lead pans out I have an eight mile walk back to the train station, at night…possibly in the rain, to look forward to. Once more, with feeling More >

Boston Uncommons

Hey Team,

I cannot overemphasize how incredible Boston has been! I’ve met a ton of incredible people and done some really cool stuff! Of course, that all means I’ve already stayed here much longer than I intended. If the rest of the Amtrek is half as amazing as the last four days have been then…holy crap, words can’t express how cool it will be.

Here a quick illustrated recap of Boston: Here are the guys I’m staying with.

Some of the friendliest douche bags on the planet, and all of them great people to spend your free time with. I’ve only known them for four days but it feels like so much longer. We’ve wandered the pubs and taverns of Boston together in a night that just kept going (even managed to be asked to leave an IRISH tavern for singing shanties, played ultimate until all the sweat in our bodies escaped through our pores, “prison break” style, and screamed ridiculous chants gleaned from some poor kids lost baseball! GREAT times!

At the office of the good people at Google I got treated to a free lunch

and took the grand tour on an electric scooter.

Have I ever mentioned how much I More >

Philadelphia – The Ugly

See [Philadelphia – The Good.]

Re: Beach balls and corn dogs

Philadelphia – The Bad

Hey Team,

Pretend you’re in a strange town. You don’t know anyone. You don’t know where you are, how you got there or how you’re getting to the next place (What place? You don’t know that either.).

You do however, know that:

1. There will be Firworks in three hours. And 2. You have a place to stay as soon as you make a phone call.

Now, pretend you are an idiot that decided to travel the entire country for months and didn’t bring a cell phone charger. While you had you eyes closed, (Yes, you should always have your eyes closed when pretending. And don’t give me those lame “I can’t read with my eyes closed” excuses.) picturing the situation, did you happen to hear the thunder or feel the pouring rain?

As much fun as that sounds I was actually SOAKING wet and miserable. I know, tough to believe, right? All I really knew was that I wasn’t going to be able to find a cell charger where I was (no hotel lost and founds near by) and it was starting to rain harder. So I asked the nearest policeman where the nearest train station was and he pointed to the nearest street More >

Philadelphia – The Good

Hey Team,

So far things are going better than I could have hoped. Well, to be honest, Philadelphia was kind of a mixed bag and much closer to what I would expect the rest of the trip to be like: Lots of incredible history and more than a little trudging through pouring rain.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down (Seriously, is there anything better than obscure television references?). I landed in Philly around 5am and by 9:30 I had managed to leave the airport by a train to the center of the city, which in Philadelphia is called Center City (Clever, eh? Try to keep up.)

The first thing I noticed about Philly was it’s striking similarities to Los Angeles. Okay, by striking I suppose I mean not very remarkable and by similarities I mean similarity. But here’s my point: Philadelphia has a lot of very tall building that they use as canvases to paint ENORMOUS murals on (very much like LA). The big difference is these murals aren’t advertising Spider-Man 3 or Ratatouille, these murals are all very historical because…golly, these folks love their history like Californians love to complain about their taxes.

Having More >

Security Resistant Terrorists

Lat: N 39 56.552 Long: W 075 08.728

Hey Team,

I’m soaking wet and going on my thirty-fifth hour without sleep right now. So far everything is going EXACTLY as expected. Honestly, I had a great time today and I’ll try to have a run down of my Philadelphia experience up tomorrow sometime. Tonight you kids are the privileged few who get to experience my newest airport rant! And I’m really sorry the really for real amtrekker.com site isn’t up yet. I promise it’s someone else’s fault.

Okay, suppose you want to travel by jet somewhere AND you want to bring toothpaste, deodorant and contact lens solution. Tough. TSA says no. And they don’t leave you a lot of wiggle room. You can’t have any container bigger than 3 ounces and all of your containers have to fit in a clear zip-top sandwich bag. By itself I suppose that’s not terrible. But don’t forget to take off your shoes. OH! And make sure your laptop is out of it’s case…whoops don’t forget the camcorder too! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!

“No, now please empty your pockets.” Things are getting WAY out of hand with airport security. And here’s my new scary theory.

Are we REALLY More >

The Update

Hey Team,

The site is running a little behind and the departure date is practically here. Just a few last minute preparations and then it’s off into the unknown (and of course by unknown I mean completely known and thoroughly explored by people that aren’t me) for an indeterminate amount of time. So, phase one brings you all to this myspace page a.k.a. the temporary home of www.amtrekker.com. The next phase is the part where you check in every day for the opportunity to live vicariously through my adventures (and more than likely my misery).

For those of you who are chronically out of the loop or not “in the know” I’ll be traveling mostly by train completely at the whim of my list until every single item is crossed off!

On a couple of side notes, I’ll be traveling mostly by train because:

1. I REALLY don’t like driving. 2. It’s ecologically friendlier (come on people, save the planet!). 3. It’s cheap! (relatively.)

Also, in addition to the formal list of objectives one of my overarching goals is to not spend a single dime on lodging…hence your responsibility to live vicariously through my occasional misery.

And finally, this isn’t just about a list of things More >

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