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Comics are for Kids…and Amtrekkers

Hey Team,

I’m en route to San Diego for the Comic Con! I’ve been reading comics practically since I could read but I’ve never been one for the conventions. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never been into any one thing enough to feel I need to wear a costume to properly show the world just how big a geek I am. (Only my sister knows for sure.)

I usually keep my head down when I walk into the comic book store, make a bee line for the new comics, grab what I need and get out before the overpowering smell of other people’s parents’ basements gets to me. (That was a lot of S’s, someone should check that for grammar. I’m kinda busy.)

I tend to avoid at all costs conversations that start with topics like, “Who do you think would win if Batman fought Wolverine?”

1. Because I hate to get overly embroiled in other people’s nerdy fascinations. I’m there for the story. Just like television or movies, it’s just another medium.


2. Because that’s a stupid question. (Batman would win hands down.)

However, “The Amtrek” is all about new experiences and I LOVE being around huge groups of people that all have something in More >

California Screamin’

Hey Team,

Being in California is starting to have a very strange affect on me. And not the type I would expect. You’d think being this close to home without being able to actually go back to my bed and see the whole family (That’s awkward. What’s my whole family doing in my bed?) would make me even more homesick. But any and all feelings of wanting to be at home right now are completely overshadowed by my own irritation with myself.

I seem to be much less friendly in California. I think it’s because I already have so many friends here. Normally in my travels I talk to everyone that makes the mistake of looking in my direction because, in some respects, I have to. If I’m in another state I’m completely alone and (for lack of a better phrase) I’m always recruiting. Life is a team sport, you can’t go at it alone…or rather you can, if you don’t mind having the crap kicked out of you by the other team until the ref starts to feel pity for you and calls the game thanks to an obscure mercy rule (ok, the analogy kind of breaks down in there somewhere).

What More >

66% Hitched

Hey Team,

I’m really sorry about the long delay between the last update and this one. But for the record: Where you all see a slacker, I see a great friend.

I had to fly back to California this week to fulfill my “Best Man” duties and got caught up in the wedding week madness of one of my favorite guys on the planet. I’m still on a crazy no sleep streak and I’ve developed an annoying tendency to nod off every time I have to sit still for more than five minutes, but I’m fine if I keep moving. I’m like a hyperactive narcoleptic.

From here on out though it’s business as usual. After today I’m free to go back to the 24/7 adventure schedule that makes life so worth living (and so exhausting). 66% of my closest friends are married now, and I don’t think anyone else will need my presence for another wedding party anytime in the super-near future.

Also, things are going well with the site and I think (if all goes well) there should be a couple little surprises popping up soon in the form of videos.

I hate to leave you guys with nothing but an apology and a More >

Pre-sliced American Cheese

Hey Team,

I’m on a train on the way to New York right now. Eventually, after sitting in an airport for hours on end I’ll be on my way to Sacramento to see my Best Friend get married. Needless to say it’s giving me a lot of downtime to think. And the way said thoughts are rolling around expect this story to be both cheesy and rambling…however, I AM easily distracted so for all I know I’ll get six lines in and start talking about some shiny object I saw.

Speaking of shiny objects, the family across the aisle from me has a MacBook Pro also…except it’s newer than Charley. I hope he doesn’t get jealous. I don’t know that you could actually call it SHINIER than Charley but…hmm…I forgot what I was going to write about.


As a result of using Boston as an impromptu base of operations over the last week, making several trips out and back, I made quite a few friends in “The Walking City.” And I have to say; it made it surprisingly difficult to leave. Although I didn’t “technically” know any of these people for very long they were still so generous and kind that it literally More >

Which way? Fenway

Hey Team!

Two down!!! Thanks to my new friend Jillian (Sorry…Jill) I had an amazing yesterday full of firsts!

We started our day at this little place called the Atlantic Ocean. Kind of impressive. Looked surprisingly like the Pacific Ocean. A little on the salty side.

It’s important to note that although I have previously lived in Florida I had never actually set foot in the Atlantic. So, the giddy schoolgirl giggling was completely well founded.

After the beach was an amazing chicken fajita dinner with Jill’s family followed by hightailing it to FENWAY FREAKIN’ PARK!

That’s right kids, Jill, via her dad, was able to get herself and me INCREDIBLE seats right behind home plate for the 351st consecutive sellout at Fenway Park! (Yes, I am using a lot of caps and exclamation marks. But you would be too if you just saw a great game at Fenway Park from RIGHT BEHIND HOME PLATE!!!! FOR FREE!!!)

Again, I have to stress how well complete strangers have been treating me on this trip. Jillian (Crap…I meant Jill.) didn’t have to help me out. She WANTED to help out, and that just blows my mind. To completely stray from the topic: I got another call from Dan, More >

A Californian in a Connecticut Yankee’s Court

Hey Team,

After a long day trapped in the dark, dank, pit of despair that is Penn Station, New York I finally managed to escape the gravitational pull of angry, bitter people and make my way up to Connecticut. I didn’t stay long BUT I did get stay my friend Sarah, her husband and her GIANT belly.

They probably don’t remember this but they PROMISED to name the baby, due in three days, Brett.

I also got to ride an indoor carousel built in 1914. That’s me on my battle stallion “Blackness!”

Don’t laugh; he’ll eff you up.

And in the coolest trip of the day…I got to tour Mark Twain’s house!

As one of my all-time favorite authors it was way cool to see what bad taste in interior design he had. No, seriously…terrible.

But I did get to touch the same banister he used to drunkenly walk up stairs to his study and write incredible pieces of American literature like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Naturally, I expect that talent to have rubbed off on yours truly and from now on you should be see much more goodly written blogs.

Like I said, I wasn’t in Connecticut for long but only because I have “Number 8” More >

Spare Change

Hey Team,

I was in New York yesterday and feeling pretty disgusting. The day before, I had jogged several miles with my pack, milked a cow, mowed a lawn and slept on a park bench in front of a closed train station. Disgusting is probably an understatement considering I still hadn’t had a chance to shower. But then the most amazing thing happened! A bum asked me for change.

Because this is America, and I know that above all else appearance is what really matters, I can rest easy knowing that at least in one tattered man’s eyes I was still on the winning team. If I can cross 48 and 47/48th more items off my list while still maintaining the appearance of someone that can “spare change” I’ll know I’ve done the best I can. And since I’m still on a cow milking high I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Okay kids, I’ll post some Connecticut pics a little later but most of the last two days have been travel, so for now…

I’m done.


Been There Milked That

Hey Team,

What an incredible day! I wish you were all here with me! I guess this will just have to be the next best thing.

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks…or y’know, regular tacks will do too. Last you heard I was set to meet “Dan the Amish Man” (My name for him, not his. In fact I don’t think I would call him that to his face.) but let’s take a couple steps back for just a second.

I got off the train this morning after minimal sleep and walked across the street to the local bakery were I met Abby.

“Hey Abby, suppose I wanted to start walking vaguely in the direction of the nearest Amish Dairy. Which direction should I choose.”

“I’m not sure but there’s a market downtown and sometimes the Amish sell dairy products there.”

“Good start. Thanks!”

And it was a good start…great start even. It led me straight to Nina who was selling milk. Who recommended me to Rebecca the seller of fresh veggies. Who pointed me towards Rachel the fruit-stress (Does anyone really care if I just make words up once in a while?). Who pointed me towards Dan of the Donuts and his blue ribbon “Chow More >

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