Hey Team,

Today was a super productive day! (In the sense that taking two steps forward and two steps back is productive. See, it’s funny cause it’s not.) My Florida plans officially, although temporarily, fell through so I spent the better part of the day frantically trying to find somewhere to be where I can make some progress.

There are a couple of really good leads though. I may try to head over to Goldsborough, NC this weekend to take part in a Civil War reenactment. I have a place to stay and there’s definitely a reenactment going on, it’s mostly a matter of getting a hold of someone that can give me an idea of whether or not I can participate. I am armed with phone numbers for tomorrow though!

Other options include horse riding in Alabama, hill climbing in Florida and sailing in Virginia. Wish me luck.

On an actually really for real productive note I finally managed to finish cataloging ten hours of video and send off the used tapes and some other peripheral items to free up some space in my backpack. (I realize I have a tendency to anthropomorphize my possessions, especially if I spend any appreciable amount of time with them…but doesn’t it seem like my backpack should have a name? Of course if it had a name then Charley would always be traveling inside of someone else. Maybe that’s a bad idea. Your thoughts?)

AND I went geocaching today with my friend Josh! He’s an awesome guy and one of my best friends from high school, who I unfortunately only get to see once every couple years lately. Still, I’ve been futon surfing his place in Charlottesville the last couple days. Good times.

I’ll leave you with my non sequitur for the day: You know what my favorite thing about new shoes is? New shoes = no weird insole holes. (I pop my toes in my shoes a lot so I tend to wear a hole in the insole where my big toe rubs and once that happens I keep catching my toe on it whenever I try to pop.)

I’m done.


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