Just One of Those Days

Just One of Those Days

Hey Team,

The last 24 hours have been pretty uneventful as far as list progress goes, since everything that’s been going on has been behind the scenes, but that’s no reason to keep you folks in the dark.

Today was mostly spent cataloging hours of raw footage that will probably never be used but can’t be thrown away or taped over (Then how would I be able to put together a documentary?) and HAVE to be shipped away. With winter upon us…or at least upon me (In a totally non-sexual way. Perv.) I had to grab some extra clothes, generously donated by the Boston guys, and turns out when you’re carrying more than two t-shirts you have a LOT less space for technology. Sad.

I also spent quite a bit of the day searching for new ways to promote the site and if you have any ideas you want to share or if you just want to take things into your own hands don’t hesitate. Just do it. (Please don’t sue, Mr. Nike.)

That’s about it, these are the kind of days I don’t usually share but since I’ve been doing so much video work I was in the mood to just sit and write again. (Sucks for you guys!) Tomorrow will be pretty slow too, mostly just a day of geocaching, but maybe I’ll have some time to throw together one of those videos that have just been sitting around waiting for me to have the time to do something about them. Another little song and dance from the Wayback Machine. Something Mr. Peabody can be proud of.

Hey, quick thought: Leave a short comment and let me know if you guys care about days like this. Too boring? Would you rather I just skip it or do you like to have a peek behind the curtain every now and again?

Okay, I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of kindness to strangers.

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

10 Replies to “Just One of Those Days”

  1. I heard Andrew Baron, experienced blogger and lately of Rocketboom.com, say that blogs are driven by the blogger’s personality [even more than by content].

    Brett, your personality–with its openness and authenticity, its optimism, and its (forgive me) sweetness–draws people in whether you post a podcast (always characterized by your great eye and ear) or the kind of update you gave us today.

    The List is a great focal point, but this site is really about the people magnet with the initials BR.

    You are never boring! So keep giving us stuff like you did today.

  2. I agree with Gramps. Every day you don’t post something on the site, a fairy looses it’s wings…

  3. Brett, just wanted to let you know your stories are never boring, I look forward to every one of them and if you’re writing you must be doing fine out there with the kind and generous people you come across everyday. love, mom

  4. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Totally makes my day. You people are being super confusing today though. Gramps isn’t my grandpa, Jess isn’t my mom and I’m 99% sure george doesn’t rock.

    Seriously though, thank you all.

  5. Yeah I was confused and really weirded out too when I was reading words I didn’t write with my name under it…well, you know until I got to the end anyway.
    So I really like it when I check your site and there is something I haven’t read yet regaurdless of how boring it is. 😉 Everyday Bub, everyday!

  6. I couldn’t say it better than gramps. Keep up the great work, you’ve got tons of people living vicariously through you, you bring new experiences to us all…open our eyes to new things almost every day. Speaking for myself, your posts continuously renew my “faith in the kindness of strangers.” I stumbled across this post, and I was so excited, to get another nugget of Amtrekker goodness…even though there’s no video, it’s great just to read a little something from the Amtrekker!!

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