Angel’s Landing

Angel’s Landing

Hey Team,

Okay, where did I leave off?

The hike. Right. Thanks.

We decided to go do the Angel’s Landing hike, which is a pretty beefy little walk for the average Joe. Shortly after we started walking Adam and Zach decided to run off ahead and ditch Jesse and I. No big deal right?

But it was just a little bit after that when Jesse decided her back was hurting a little too much for such a long hike…which left me in the weird position of potentially going on a four hour walk all by my lonesome. How do I fix this? Duh. Run to catch up with Adam and Zach.

However, in my excitement I managed to run past the place where the guys were standing off to the side waiting for us and, thinking I was always just a little bit behind them, pushed myself to the top as fast as possible. Like an idiot. So not only did I managed to go on the bulk of the hike by myself anyway but I was putting so much effort into getting to the top as fast as possible I didn’t spend much time enjoying the surroundings.

Luckily there was plenty of time to sit around at the top wondering where everyone was and enjoying the view.

Eventually the guys made it up to the top also and we hung out for a bit relaxing before trail running all the way down dodging slow moving hikers and jumping down switchbacks. Fun times. Exhausting fun times.

I still don’t have pictures but they should exist by this weekend. So for now…

I’m done.


Enjoy living vacariously? Good, cause I enjoy living. Feel free to help make that happen.


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  1. That is a amazing hike! A bit sketchy at the top for speed hiking, glad you are safe and sound. A few of my CS pictures are from that hike. See if you can pick tham out.

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