Those Missing Days

Those Missing Days

Hey Team,

I was hoping to have some pictures of Zion up for you guys today but it looks like it will have to wait. You’ll just have to settle for a little bit of story time instead.

Jesse and I got kind of a late start heading towards Zion after double and triple checking that we had packed everything we would need for some comfy camping. (It’s amazing how much more stuff it takes to be comfortable in nature than it does to be an Amtrekker. We brought a LOT more than a backpack full of stuff.) Sadly, we still managed to leave behind some “important” stuff. And of course by “important” I mean pillows and hash browns.

By the time we made it to the park all of the campsites had already been taken. That’s why we were driving around outside the park looking for a new place to throw down a tent when karma finally caught up with me. Apparently it’s much easier to get out of going to jail for going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit in Ohio than it is to get out of a ticket for going five over in Utah.

After narrowly dodging a great campsite next to the river we landed a slightly lamer spot on the other side of the campground and set up the tent just in time for a Bill Bryson induced nap.

That evening we were joined by Adam, my fly-fishing teacher, and Zack who took over the fire starting duties. It was comforting to learn that it wasn’t just starting a fire with sticks that I suck at. Turns out I would have had just as much trouble starting a fire during my survival skills lessons if I had a stack of matches at hand. Good to know.

I’ll hold off on talking about the hike until tomorrow…hopefully I’ll have pictures and a little more time to put into the story.

Oh SHOOT! Tomorrow is Wednesday!

…okay…so, tomorrow will be the podcast about the Swamp Tour, THEN Zion.

Okay, that’s settled. I’m done.


Want to help pay for a speeding ticket?


2 Replies to “Those Missing Days”

  1. Consider yourself lucky Amtrekker, my last run in with Johny-law in Zion landed me in JAIL! Keep your nose clean

  2. Who hasn’t been in jail in Utah? Christmas eve 2006, donning a 3-piece pin-striped suit and tie, $1200 in cash for the christmas shopping i was supposed to be doing and all for an unpaid $35 SEATBELT TICKET. Wish I was kidding.

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