Out of Texas -N- In to a Burger.

Out of Texas -N- In to a Burger.

Hey Team,

I just have a couple minutes to give you a quick update. I’m about 10 minutes away from jumping into a rideshare found via craigslist.org that’s headed towards my beloved California so my family doesn’t have to drive so far to see me for Christmas. Charley’s battery is just about dead so for the next NINETEEN HOURS of drive-time I may not be able to update…but the salient facts are these.

1. I am SO not looking forward to being in a car for that long.

2. I’m headed towards Southern California so all you SoCal fans better start lining up the pre-Christmas fun!

3. Someone, Somewhere, better have an In-N-Out burger waiting for me.

Peace out, kids. Catch you on the west side.

I’m done.


3 Replies to “Out of Texas -N- In to a Burger.”

  1. So I woke up with some crazy SOB ringing the doorbell and irratatedly rolled out of bed, assuming that I was going to walk downstairs to get panhandled on my doorstep (it’s happened), or get arrested (will likely happen). Rather, FedEx. Close enough. I didn’t bother putting on pants, so I certainly didn’t take the time to put in my contacts. The package turned out to be for me, so I started getting excited to have any postal mail, more especially a package! So I grab this ridiculous shaped box and go back up to open it, when what did my blurry vision behold? That’s right sir, you guessed it, Guitar Hero. Ka-Kow!! No card, no purchased-by: info, and no hint as to whose sheer cunning and insight I had to thank. Made my day. After making phone calls to people in the right places, I was able to find out that it was my little sister and her boyfriend. How effing sweet is that noise!?thought you’d appreciate the victory. Good luck with the road trip! Hope you get there before she gets the video.

  2. Not that I haven’t already typed enough nonsense, but please to mail me a double double animal style…and animal fries.

  3. Mmmm…a double double and fries. That sounds so good. Oh, but wait, in less than 3 days I can get one myself. Score!

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