Magic is About to Happen

Magic is About to Happen

Hey Team,

I made it to Pigeon Forge, TN today thanks Tommy, my Couch Surfing Host, Jessica’s, friend. Why would I come to a place called Pigeon Forge if I’ve already been to a place called Bald Knob? Sadly, I don’t just visit places based on how ridiculous their names sound. I’m actually here to cross a little something called #24 off the list today!

Despite the small town name it turns out Pigeon Forge is actually…well, a really small town. But at least it has delusions of grandeur. This may be one of the strangest “cities” I’ve ever been in.

It’s mostly just one street (but it’s a long street…so there’s that) but instead of the general store, the post office and the gas station they have thirteen miniature golf courses, twenty-eight pancake houses, eight comedy shows, shops and hotels galore, a building filled with singing mechanical bears and the Magic Beyond Belief Theater!

Which is why I’m here. They have my seat saved and the illusion all picked out all I have to do is show up at 8:15 and convince someone to be my cameraman!

I’m going to go wander down to the Fudge, Knives, Swimwear and Leather Shop (no joke, this place is WEIRD). I’ll keep you guys posted.

I’m done.


You can even magically make sure I have enough funds to keep things going!


9 Replies to “Magic is About to Happen”

  1. fudge, knives, swimwear, and leather? what kind of creepy fetishes are you into, brett?

    have fun being part of a stage illusion tonight!

  2. Brett, I have always wanted to go to Pigeon Forge someday. I sounds really neat to me. But at least Bald Knob is a bigger place than what you are talking about. Have Fun, Brett. Grandma

  3. I hope you’re dressed appropriately to be cut in half.

    (Just the idea of leather swimwear gives me trauma…)

  4. You forget to mention one of Pigeon Forge’s biggest claims to fame: it’s the hometown of Dolly Parton 🙂

    Can’t wait to see podcast from the magic show!

  5. fudge, knives, swimwear, and leather?

    Are these four separate stores specializing in each product?
    Or one store containing all of the above?

  6. I tried to prepare you for the ridiculousness that is pigeon forge, but I suppose it can’t be done in words. but, here’s this TOLD YA SO.

  7. wait, wait, wait. Did your grandmother just crack a joke about how much bigger Bald Knob is? Now that’s funny.

  8. 1. None. I didn’t open the store!!!

    2.You’d dig it more than I did. I’m sure it’s less weird if you have a car too.

    3. Leather swimwear…I can’t promise but I’m thinking uncomfortable and awkward would both be good words for it.

    4. I didn’t even know that?! Why don’t you people tell me these things sooner?!?!

    5. ONE STORE! I wish I had thought to grab a picture…

    6. You’re right…you win.

    7. It’s better than her cracking my legs…so there’s that.

  9. Brett,
    I’m so glad your travels brought you to Pigeon Forge. It was a great pleasure to be able to help you cross #24 off the list.Your journey has touched a lot of people, including a magician. Seeing a wish list with “be a part of a stage Illusion” on it has reminded me that its a dream come true for me to have the opportunity to cross #24 off my list every night. Continued success and happiness. And remember; “The journey is the destination.” Your friend, Terry Evanswood

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