Hey Team,

Better Fridge Magnets

“The Plan” was delayed by a day, which I suppose, just goes to show how useful plans are in my hands. (i.e. not very) BUT besides that, things are progressing nicely. At 3:30 am my bus leaves Nashville for Atlanta where I’ll meet up with a guy that lives about an hour south of there to learn the family fun past time of moonshinery (I’m going to call that one a word too.)

There’s SO much stuff going on behind the scenes right now that it’s been tough to stay on top of everything (I am but one man) but I can assure you it’s all very exciting.

AND it looks like I’m not going to have to be frantically editing to get the new podcast up tomorrow. I know. What the heck is that all about?!

So here’s the little teaser. Tomorrow by 6pm PST there will be a new TASTHIB podcast featuring City Museum in St. Louis. No joke, one of the coolest places I’ve been so far on this epic journey. Right up there with Fort Gorges on the list of Awesome Stuff That Happens In Between. More on that tomorrow.

Other than that, not a lot of news today. Yesterday was sadly uneventful as far as stuff I’m ready to share goes. So I guess that means…

I’m done.


Maybe more donating would equal more excitment…you never know until you try.


One Reply to “Anti-Excitement”

  1. Moonshinery, uh! Coin that one to the Brett.

    Fun Wiki Fact:
    Moonshine is made in a bathtub with only the finest household cleaners, stirred to perfection with a wooden oar to a hole-ridden boat that is upside down on the moonshiner’s front lawn. Traditional ingredients include mullet hair, motor oil, & used chewing tobacco, while more modern variations also include bits of confederate flag, rifle shells, & shredded organ donation lists.

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