Philadelphia – The Bad

Philadelphia – The Bad

Hey Team,

Pretend you’re in a strange town. You don’t know anyone. You don’t know where you are, how you got there or how you’re getting to the next place (What place? You don’t know that either.).

You do however, know that:

1. There will be Firworks in three hours.
2. You have a place to stay as soon as you make a phone call.

Now, pretend you are an idiot that decided to travel the entire country for months and didn’t bring a cell phone charger. While you had you eyes closed, (Yes, you should always have your eyes closed when pretending. And don’t give me those lame “I can’t read with my eyes closed” excuses.) picturing the situation, did you happen to hear the thunder or feel the pouring rain?

As much fun as that sounds I was actually SOAKING wet and miserable. I know, tough to believe, right? All I really knew was that I wasn’t going to be able to find a cell charger where I was (no hotel lost and founds near by) and it was starting to rain harder. So I asked the nearest policeman where the nearest train station was and he pointed to the nearest street and said, “Walk that way.”

Drenched and hungry I stood in front of the train scheduling board and looked for something promising. Perfect! A train bound for Atlantic City was leaving in a little under an hour! Expecting an all night sin-fest equivalent to Las Vegas I figured the place would be hopping and I’d be able to meet someone that would let me stretch out on their floor and take a nap.

Turns out, Atlantic City is NOTHING like Vegas! Time out. That’s a little harsh. There are similarities. I would say Atlantic City is the boring man’s Vegas. Everything was closed when I got there, there was no where to lay down and I still hadn’t slept in almost forty hours. Every time I sat down anywhere I instantly fell asleep…right before someone would wake me up and tell me they were closing and I had to leave. Sucked!

So back to the train station which forced me back through Philly and onward and upward to Boston where I’ve met people who are without a doubt 100 times more generous than anyone I would have ever hoped to meet on this trip!

But for now…

I’m done.


One Reply to “Philadelphia – The Bad”

  1. You’re always done. Can’t you be finished ever?
    Anyways, I have been there/done that with the 40-hrs-and-no-sleep thing. How are you still alive??? I know I slightly fell asleep in some quite dangerous places during my sleepwalking zombie adventure. And it literally felt as though I was in some unreal dreamworld, or high, or whatever. Clueless, slurring, dreamy. Yeah.

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