Hey Team,

I had a fun-filled, turkey-fueled day with the Fiamingo family in Mansfield, PA. Not only did they take me in on what is traditionally more of a family holiday (which frankly, I’ve always thought was strange since basically it was all about taking in people in need when those pilgrims first flunked winter) but they fed me what was (don’t read the next ten words, mom) quite possible the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.

That was followed by a two-hour food coma and dessert was served in the midst of them letting me win at a grueling 24 hour (I’m just going off of how long it felt, I didn’t check the time) Trivial Pursuit game. Which, by the way, makes me 2 for 2 in Trivial Pursuit for this trip. That’s right…Amtrekker’s undefeated. Bring in on people.

Basically it all comes down to this: my gain, your loss. As a result of all the food, folks and fun (please don’t sue me, McDonald’s) I didn’t have much time to get any video work done today and that filthy fun killer tryptophan is doing a number on my ability to stay conscious. (Upon rereading I see it has also done a number on my ability to write coherently and stay focused enough to not throw in parenthesis every twelfth word. Oh well, all part of the charm of an Amtrekker story, right. Right?!)

Luckily, the California Aggie has swept in to save the day. They heard about all the excitement and did a quick “Alumni Corner” Q&A piece in the paper. So it’s their job to entertain you today. (Cause I can almost guarantee the last four paragraphs aren’t doing it for you.

Here’s the link.


One last thought. Yeah, I gave the interview, but I only knew this article had been printed because I back-traced some traffic to the site that was caused by it. So let it be known that when you folks talk about on other sites or otherwise find awesome and inventive ways to let people know what’s going on it definitely has an effect. So keep doing it…or start doing it. Or better yet…do it LOTS! Every new eyeball helps.

Thanks a ton for all the help and support and especially for the ridiculous amount of Thanksgiving well-wishing I was on the receiving end of yesterday. It’s unbelievably flattering to know that people care about how things are going and whether or not I’m being treated well during the holidays. Keep being awesome, people!

I’m done.


Any donations received today will go towards a tryptophan detoxification program.


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