#47 Tour the Crayola Factory [podcast]

#47 Tour the Crayola Factory [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here’s the podcast where Amtrekker takes a road trip to Easton, PA to tour the Crayola Factory and exercise a couple dormant creative muscles.

Guest starring Ace the wonder monkey and Mr. Rogers’ shirt!


I’m done.


If you can’t help me get an “Amtrekker Green” crayon, then maybe you should just donate.

Come on, it’ll be fun!

11 Replies to “#47 Tour the Crayola Factory [podcast]”


    I bet it would be easier to leave Boston if they would stop locking you out of your pants!

  2. Don’t let this take away from the main point of the video, which I enjoyed as always. 1. The white employee with blond hair at the Crayola factory, man or women? 2. I think I know the answer to your last question of the video. Horny.

  3. yay!! Thanks for answering my question. The Crayola Factory seems like a really cool place and that Mr. Rogers. What a lucky guy for getting to make the 1,000,000,000th crayon.

  4. Chells Bells decided to drive you to Pennsylvannia because you’re friends with ME. GO TEAM DOUCHEBAG!

  5. George always finds a way to bring it back to…well..George. For example-

    “wow these fall colors are fantastic!”
    George says- “you know why they change color, cuz I told ’em to!” “I’m GEORGE PECHMAN!”

  6. The good news is I’m training a talking parrot to say “I’m George Pechmann. My Visa number is….”

    Then G$’s (slightly more attractive) doppleganger orders the cunning ilott a new plasma screen tv, now in 1080i! Thank you rodrigo! (the bird)

  7. TheKendall, I’m going to put my money on man…but it’s definitely not a sure bet.

    Inland Empress, You’re welcome! Thanks for the question and glad you saw the answer!

    The rest of you douchebags, thanks for the clothes. I’d be dead in a ditch in Maine right now without the help.

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