Hey Team,

It was an exciting week of firsts! Obviously there was the Crayola Factory but, in true Amtrekker fashion, that was just a tiny little piece of the adventure.

I grew up in a relatively low-income neighborhood without a ton of money (good to see some things never change) so I missed out on a few of the “typical” childhood adventures. Summer camp would be one of those things. Which isn’t to say I didn’t get to (read: have to) hear other people bragging about their adventures come the start of the new school year…which really only served to make the idea of camp that much more foreign to me.

BUT, thanks to some nomadic serendipity (I love that phrase…good job Cherie) the new friend (Chelsea) that took me along on her trip to Pennsylvania so I could explore the Crayola Factory was a former camp counselor and we got to crash at the camp for a few days!

It was awesome! I got to meet some really cool people, teach some kids about teamwork and science (I don’t THINK I scared any for life, I’m pretty sure someone will be able to re-teach them the right way to do things.) and sleep in a bunk bed.

AND, if you guys have never played Ga-Ga before then you’re missing out. It’s another in what is slowly becoming a long list of regional outdoor games I had never heard of before this trip…and super fun.

I even took a trip to the oldest zoo in the country!

No sloths.

Sad times.

But there were Squirrel Monkeys and some tiger cubs that were too cute. Plus, I got to lay RIGHT NEXT to a lioness.

Lioness snuggling

Granted there was a pane of glass between us.

That’s the outline. I’d love to write more but it’ll have to wait.

If you kids are wondering about the sudden lack of pictures over the last week or two it’s because my poor little point and shoot has gone to a better place and I have yet to find a replacement. So for now we all just have to settle for the occasional poor quality cell cam pic. Another sad story.

Not to mention life has suddenly gotten a lot more complicated on the traveling front thanks to some cold weather that could potentially kill me because of my stubborn insistence on not paying for lodging. So no more jumping on trains on a whim and hoping I find a place to stay when I get there. (For that matter no more jumping on trains. My rail pass ran out last week.)
Unfortunately, that means I may have to stay in the same place a day or two longer than I usually do when traveling to ensure I have the logistics under control when I move on. More planning = suck. I HATE planning. Maybe because I’m not very good at it anyway.

Wish me luck!

I’m done.


No one wants to read about Amtrekker dying of frostbite.

Don’t let me stop you.