Mister Rogers Would Be Proud

Mister Rogers Would Be Proud

Hey Team.

Today was a great day. I’m one step closer to eventually seeing home again (and considering how cold it’s been in the North East DO NOT underestimate how much I’m missing Southern California weather) thanks to a daylong trip to the Crayola Factory!


1. Seeing how crayons are made (duh)!

2. Seeing Mister Roger’s Crayola Factory shirt from when he made the 100,000,000,000th crayon.

3. Making a sculpture of Ace the Wonder Monkey (the podcast will reveal all) using free Model Magic clay!


1. No ghost of Mister Rogers haunting the halls.

2. No hardhats involved in the tour.

3. Couldn’t find anyone to convince that Crayola needs to adopt an “Amtrekker Green” crayon.

The evening was spent with camp counselors from the College Settlement Camps of Philadelphia where I’m staying (constantly thanking god that I’ve never seen Friday the 13th) thanks to a fortuitous meeting at a Halloween party in Boston last weekend. And since I get to wake up early tomorrow to see what life at camp is like I’m going to have to cut this post short. But there will be plenty more info about the great Crayola adventure AND a podcast coming up.

PLUS, I was able to re-shoot the closing to the last podcast (I screwed up and didn’t record the sound. I’m not the only one this happens to, by the way.) so tomorrow you guys will finally get to see the footage from Halloween in Salem! I know. I can’t wait either.

Until then…

I’m done.


If you enjoyed this story then donate so I can buy out Crayola…

and make my own “Amtrekker Green” crayon.

6 Replies to “Mister Rogers Would Be Proud”

  1. and WHO do we have to thank for that fruitiferous meeting? Amtrekker promotion phenominon George Pechmann that’s who!

  2. georgerocks, thanks man!

    cdelacerda, ditto!

    Kristy, not sure yet but I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted!

    Pop and Jess…you both suck.

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