Color Me Excited

Color Me Excited

Hey Team,

Granted, my world has been colored by a lifetime spent in California but it just seems strange to sit in a car for six hours and cross through FIVE states. I could barely make it from LA to San Francisco in that time.

Today’s big event (besides finally caving in and purchasing new pants…which, apparently, you can’t buy with shoestrings) was a road trip with Chelsea, the Museum of Science educator that I met at a Halloween party last weekend. Turns out she was looking to take a trip to a summer camp she used to work at to visit some friends. Lucky for me, this summer camp also happens to be a scant hour car ride from the Crayola Factory AND has an open bed!

So tomorrow brings with it some #47 butt-kickery (it’s a word…promise) and a summer camp exploration.

Okay, I’ve gotta go make my bunk. Good thing the kids are all in school. I’m looking forward to pretending I’m back in the dorms.

I’m done.


If you enjoyed this story, feel free to chip in for crayons…

then I can draw myself a map.

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