What’s the Co-Motion?

What’s the Co-Motion?

Hey Team,

The other day when I found myself in Boise I thought, “Geez. I’m so close to one of those things I’ve always wanted to see that somehow just didn’t make ‘the list.'” And I wondered silently to myself about whether I would be doing myself more of a disservice by chasing after a goal that wasn’t on the list or by ignoring something I REALLY wanted to do.

Eventually I decided this trip is all about “less talk, more action” and actually going out and doing those things you want to do instead of spending your whole life talking about it without ever taking that final step.

Bottom line: I HAD to go check out Co-Motion Cycles.


I’ve mentioned it several times now, both here and in the podcasts, but the one thing I REALLY miss from home (besides my family and In-N-Out Burger) is my bicycle. And although I LOVE my bike it was actually a compromise because I couldn’t afford my dream bike at the time (or now).

So, a craigslist rideshare with Francis the Web Designer/BMXer got me to Portland, OR at 2am to the stark realization that I didn’t have a place to stay that night. A problem I solved less than gracefully by sitting outside a bus station for four and a half hours freezing vital bits of my anatomy off while trying to find a place to sleep in Eugene. (Luckily, I was able to sleep a full three hours sitting up on the bus…comfy.)

But it was well worth it when I finally got a tour of Co-Motion led by none other than one of the co-founders, Dwan Shepard. Maybe I’m just a geek (To which Jess says, “Maybe?!”) but I loved it. These guys make some incredible bikes and it was awesome to see everything in progress up close and personal.

Bike guts

They’re most well known for their tandems but every frame they make is hand-built from scratch to some surprisingly exacting standards. Sixteen employees put out 1200 bikes a year. Of which I only want one…someday. Co-Motion Nor’Wester Co-Pilot. Go look it up…or better yet, go find one and take it for a spin and be impressed.

Welded Frames

Talking to Dwan was definitely a highlight. I LOVE entrepreneurs and it’s always fun to hear the stories behind how your favorite stuff gets started. A lot of it reminded me of when Nate and I started Truant back in college and it kind of made me miss that scene of constantly trying to make things better with limited resources. Always building your own tools out of whatever you have laying around. Banging your head up against a wall over and over again trying to solve a problem you never even would have thought existed.

…kinda like now. Fun!

So, now that my faith in capitalism and the ability for premium products to thrive in the marketplace has been renewed, it looks like it’s time to start heading east again towards that bane of my existence from last October…Kingda Ka, the fastest roller coaster in the country. (#36!)

I’m done.


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3 Replies to “What’s the Co-Motion?”

  1. Hey!
    I just checked my voicemail and I got this funny message from my grandma like….You know that friend of yours? That homeless fellow you told me about with the list who doesn’t pay for lodging? You know, that guy you were looking for a lighthouse for! I think he’s on TV right now, I’m recording it. Bye.

    If you stil need someone to stay with in Eugene, check out Debbie Parker on couchsurfing. I stayed with her there and she’s amazing.

    PS- Down with the system! Up with anarchy! harharhar…

  2. oh man, you thought you’d be done so long ago mr. planahead! i remmber you tried so hard to go on that rollercoaster in the fall and failed miserably. let me know when you’re going to be in the area and I’ll do my best to make it down with you, that’s a photo-op I don’t want to miss!

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