I Don’t Stand for Pedophiles

I Don’t Stand for Pedophiles

Hey Team,

Under normal circumstances my travel days are pretty uneventful. I meet some nice people along the way, I sit on a train or (god forbid) a bus for several hours and then I stumble into a stranger’s house and take a nap. Yesterday was a little different.

I had to take a (arrrgh) bus from Cincinnati to Cleveland to catch a train. And thanks to my overwhelming dislike of lines I decided to sit in the bus station until they actually started boarding the bus. Which of course meant I was the last one to board…or try to.

“I’m sorry the bus is full.”

“But I have a ticket.”


“Are you kidding me? Is there another bus? Did you actually sell more tickets than you have seats?”

“You can call customer service and they’ll probably give you your money back.”

“What do you mean probably give me my money back? I don’t need the money, I need to be in Cleveland, what are you going to do about that?” Apparently I ask a lot of questions when I get frustrated.

Eventually the dude went and talked to the bus driver who gave the okay for me to STAND and the back of a crowded bus for TWO HOURS until we got to Columbus ditched some of the other passengers. Fine. Okay. I accept that constant travel means some seriously uncomfortable situations. You do what you have to do, right?

So, while I’m standing at the back of the bus, leaning against the bathroom and trying to pretend the air doesn’t reek of urine, I’m watching some creepy looking guy playing with his little girl. Petting her head, rubbing her back, whispering in her ear, trying to get her to eat a banana…when suddenly the lady across from him starts SCREAMING at him!

“Get the hell away from that little girl, Dave! I will call the cops on your ass if you touch her one more time! You know better you creepy bastard!” It was around this time that I surmised that maybe this guy wasn’t the little girl’s dad.

He sat still for about five minutes, severely chastised, then jumped up and screamed back, “I can’t take this! Who do you think you are, bitch!” and started walking over people to get to the front of the bus.

Long story less long: Bus driver wasn’t happy, turned the bus around and headed back to the Cincinnati bus terminal where the creepy dude was taken off the bus and arrested. The screaming lady and the kid’s mom gave statements. And I got a seat. Ka-Kow!


I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

6 Replies to “I Don’t Stand for Pedophiles”

  1. Haha ok first of all that last comment is really funny.
    Second This story is kind of sad but it made me go through like 4 emotions in 2 minutes…good job…on the experiences I guess.

  2. George is uber-hilarious. And Aaron is a dirty bird for sure. I guess all I can say is, congrats on the seat buddy, keep your hands to yourself!

  3. Her fake ID said she was 19, so fuck you guys. We’re getting married back in Utah so my other wives can be there for the vows. She wrote hers in crayon.

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