If you knock me on my butt, do I not bleed?

If you knock me on my butt, do I not bleed?

Hey Team,

I’ve been in Ohio for a while now, but it’s been another one of those places where I’ve met a ton of amazing people that keep me so busy I don’t even have time to run away.

I even got to play a hard core game of broom ball the other day in which I managed not only to make a fool of myself but also to rip yet another hole in my soon to be retired pants and bleed down my own leg. Turns out broomball is kind of a misleading name. First of all…no brooms. What the crap’s up with that? Also people seem to get just as much enjoyment out of knocking you on your butt as they do hitting the ball. So, I’m going to propose the name “Wet-ass ball.” Any thoughts?

I have some footage of that too. I’m working on the sloth petting video right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to toss a wet-ass ball video up on the site shortly after that one.

Speaking of videos, you’ve probably noticed a few changes to the site this week…hence the slow down in stories. From now on the newest video will be the first thing you see on the homepage. And the thumbnails beneath that will be links to the six previous videos. The map, which was causing some problems with the homepage loading, has been relocated. Now there’s a link in the top right corner and a counter that shows how many days I’ve been trekking.

AND, this is just a baby change, but there are now links to the previous and next stories on the site so you don’t have to continually go back to the home page to see what else is happening! How convenient!

Okay, I want to keep chippin’ away at this video so you guys can see how awesome Mo is and tomorrow I’ll be starting my northbound travels in an effort to make it up to Toronto in the next couple days for some more list killing excitement. Wish me luck!

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

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3 Replies to “If you knock me on my butt, do I not bleed?”

  1. What’s in Toronto? Cool Runnings!? I didn’t even see bobsledding on the list, but good for you, mon. Maybe while youre up in my homeland you should bungee jump – the highest jump in the US or canadia is over 200ft, 90 mins from montreal. Then hop your bloody, wet ass on that broom and let’s head to NJ to tackle that GD rollercoaster! wahhoooooooo!

  2. Nice title, you are the bard of amtrekking. I think that bungee jumping idea sounds pretty good.

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