Hey Team,

Ten o’clock last night found me hanging around in a rose garden as I was passing through Raleigh. More importantly it found me staring off into space when suddenly I saw an ash floating through the air.

“That’s strange,” I thought as I starting scanning the terrain for an out of place campfire.

Then the ash magically reappeared…and this time it brought friends. My first thought?

“SON OF A–!!!”

That’s right. I just saw fireflies for the second time ever in my life. It should have been exciting but for some reason I took it as a personal insult and got WAY too worked up about it.

Last year (geez that hurts to say) when I was traveling the east coast I was warned that fireflies are only around during the summer to fall seasons and as a result I started to panic come September and went out of my way to travel halfway across the country to a spot where I KNEW there were still a few straggling fireflies hanging around.

Why panic about catching a firefly? Because I didn’t want to have to wait until fireflies reappeared the following summer just to cross that one last objective off my list and go home.

Boy did those fireflies last night make me feel like an idiot. I’m absolutely amazed that I’m still traveling and more importantly, that there’s still so much to do. Before I left on this adventure my whole family made a pool and bet on when they thought I would come back home. Not a single person bet on anything past Christmas.

I was the only one that I felt was being realistic. “There’s no way I can do it that fast. I probably wont be done until my birthday.”

That was January 17th.

Stupid fireflies.

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.