Pig Tails…Seriously

Pig Tails…Seriously

Hey Team,

The River Kayaking podcast is done but the numbers for the Civil War podcast are pretty low because it’s only been out for a couple days. So to give the iTunes fans a little bit more time to stumble across it without stepping over it I’m just going to post the new one tomorrow. I know…I would feel bad about this move and gypping you faithful website fans if I didn’t have such an awesome up to the minute story to share!

I’m on my way to Charleston right now via everyone’s favorite mode of transport but with the comfort of train travel comes the occasional ridiculously long layover. This time I had a few hours to kill in the tiny town of Wilson, NC.

As the afternoon wore on I suddenly realized that I only had about a half an hour before my connecting train was scheduled to pull in and if I didn’t eat in town I would have to choke down train food. I was looking for something quick but fast food seemed to be non-existent. I had seen a sign that said “Soul Food Grill” near the train station and I thought, “‘Soul food’ would take too long but ‘Grill’ sounds like it should be pretty speedy…as long as that averages out to medium speed I should be good to go.”

The grill (really more of a large room in a bus station) was a classic “Mom and Pop” quick service restaurant complete with the Pepsi branded menu with removable letters (you people know the one I’m talking about). The biggest difference was that this was actually more of a “Mom and Mom” restaurant.

Marie, behind the counter

“Whatcha want to eat, son?”

“Um…I guess I’m not exactly sure.”

“Want to take a look at the hot bar?”

I had NO idea what that meant but my mouth didn’t seem to care, “Yes, please.”

Marie, the woman behind the registere, stood up and retied the bright red apron around her camouflage army pants and Navaho inspired button up shirt as she stepped around to my side of the counter. She pulled the lids off of several pans in front of me and made a grand gesture without another word.

Pig Tails...Seriously

Nothing looked particularly appetizing (I was having another In-N-Out Burger craving that collard greens just weren’t going to sate.) but something did catch my eye. It looked suspiciously like ribs that had been overcooked. Ribs could fix that burger issue…

“Are these–”

“Those are pig tails.” She grinned in my direction but without much humor.

I narrowed my eyes, convinced I was being had but couldn’t keep the shock inside, “Are you kidding me?!?!”

She laughed WAY harder than I would have expected and in fact, seemed genuinely thrill that I didn’t believe her.

“No, those are pig tails all right.”

“You’re just screwing with me, aren’t you?”

Now she was cackling. I was clearly making her day. I continued to glare, still not ready to believe her. I looked to the other lady behind the register for a clue. Just a genuine smile.

“Give him a piece.” She yelled across the room.

Marie held out a chunk of meat on a stubby little bone. “It’s good. Not what you’d expect.”

“It better not be. I expect it to be hairy, curly and chewy with a hint of mud.”

More disconcerting laughter, now from both sides of the room, as I sniff the meat.

It makes me sad to have to say that it actually was really good. It tasted just like a pork chop if it had the consistency of a drumstick. Weird.

“HAHAHA You just made my day!” Cue the handshake, the smile and the discounted dinner. I liked, Marie (even more than the pig tail).

I’m done.


Want to help purchase my next helping of pig tails?

Don’t let me stop you.

5 Replies to “Pig Tails…Seriously”

  1. Brett, I never thought my Grandson would eat a pigtail, But sometimes it’s worth trying things out. Even if I won’t. Pretty good, HUH!!! Gramtrekker.

  2. I’m not to sure the ladies of Raleigh would be so nice if they knew you wore the Blue! Call us and let me know if your welcome in Utah again>

  3. The only people worth seeing in Utah now live in Boston so you don’t have to worry about Brett going back there Pop. (to all the other Utahns that will read this and still live there, you know I loves ya!)

  4. “Waste Not, Want Not.” —If you try hard enough you can eat just about EVERY part of a Pig. (Or so I’ve heard.)

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