Spontaneous Raleigh Likin’

Spontaneous Raleigh Likin’

Hey Team,

It looks like I have a formal apology to hand out (followed by a request). I’ve spent the last couple days in Raleigh, NC and, contrary to an old “Day in the Life” Amtrekker video, I regret to report that I’ve had a great time.

I’ve couch surfed in three different apartments in the short time I’ve been here and met nothing but good and entertaining people that have kept me running from one adventure to the next. (Although I should note that not one of those people is a native Raleighan…Raleightonian…Raleighite…Rrrr….forget it. Point is there’s still an out and I can change my opinion again within a moments notice. Don’t screw with me, Raleigh.)

Nala and Bella

The first day was spent with Ani and Allison a displaced couple from Arizona by way of Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and the Carolinas with a dog and a boa both named Nala and a ferret that answered to either Bella or “Hey, ferret!” equally. I didn’t get to spend much time with them but I did get some key geocaching in and even managed to find time for the new Indiana Jones flick. (Is it just me or does it seem like it would be incredibly tough to act like an intelligent being if stuff were constantly being magnetically attracted to your face?)

Halfway through that first day I ended up with a flock of recent graduates from North Carolina State. Cindy, the actual couch surfer in the group promptly left for a month long trip through Europe the next morning so I didn’t have much QT there either but her roommates were awesome. I got to watch half a movie with Gloria before she ran away never to be seen or heard from again (relatively speaking) but the shining star of Team Amtrekker this week was easily, Laura.

I talk about people making the trip worth while all the time and cities move pretty far up and down my “Ladder o’ Urban Love” based solely on the people I meet. So Raleigh, you have some thanking to do.

Here’s a great example, courtesy of Laura, of my FAVORITE type of person to meet, period.


Me: “I want to play mini-golf.”

Laura: “Okay, right now?”

Me: “Yes.”

Laura: “Awesome, let’s go.”

How cool is that! Right…I understand. I have pretty low standards for what it takes to make me happy. But how often do you run into people out there that are willing to dive into even the tiniest adventures without notice? (And before I get a crap ton of angry emails: Yes, I’ve met several other people out there that live up to this model. All of my friends back home, the Boston douchebags, that fair haired Theresa, Nickola up in Maine is a standout, Chase and company in Nashville, Tricia in Idaho…I shouldn’t have started naming people, I’m guaranteed to forget someone…sorry Team. You know who you are.)

Here’s my point(s):
1. I love spontaneity and the people that know how to put it to good use. As they say in Beantown, “It’s fun to have fun.”

2. Life is all about the people you meet. Without them cities are just ghost towns anyway.

Rhino Roughrider

SO, Raleigh…I’m sorry. You have good people too. Which leads me to my request: Without Raleigh as my least favorite city in the country where am I going to refocus my distaste? Any ideas? Send them this way. You know where the comment section is.

I’m done.


Don’t want to hate? How ’bout donate?

Don’t let me stop you.

4 Replies to “Spontaneous Raleigh Likin’”

  1. What about Atlantic City from the very beginning of the trip?

    Or back in California…Jackson has probably been my least favorite place ever. Creeeeepy.

  2. Oh…I forgot about Atlantic City. That place was pretty lame. But it’s also on the coast so no matter how lame the place and the people you still have nature to keep you company. It’s hard to HATE even the worst beach towns. Brett = kind of a sucker for the ocean.

    Jackson, CA? You better tell that story.

  3. How about that town you were stuck in trying to get to Six Flags in the rain and the dark last september? That’s a goo one. You woodda got stuk der again hadn’t been for a couple-a adventurous Yankees!

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