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I Think I Stepped in Knowledge

I Think I Stepped in Knowledge

Hey Team,

I’m in New York right now waiting to go to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey this weekend with one of the girls who 1. HAPPENED to be staying with the same people I was in Orlando and 2. HAPPENS to work for Six Flags. It was important to make it back up here this weekend because Kingda Ka, the fastest roller coaster in the country (#36!), only has two more days of operation between now and April. Today and tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve been slowly exploring more and more of New York and, reluctantly, I have to admit that this place sucks less each time I visit.

Yesterday I wandered past the New York City Public Library and felt compelled to check out the scene. From the outside it had the typical Greek architecture of a hundred year old building made to impress people (which it did). And as I walked up the marble steps I could feel the deep troughs worn into them by years of people questing for knowledge.

Granted, my shoes are wearing kind of thin.

Honestly though, it kind of gave me that warm fuzzy feeling to know that so many people had walked up those steps looking for some sort of answer and knowing they could find it in a book in those walls.

On the inside, in the grand lobby, an intricate security system of bag checks and guards is all that stands between you and exploration. Or, in my case…nothing stood between me and exploration. Apparently, I was so enamored by the grand lobby that I walked right past all of the security without so much as a “Hey, that looks like a backpack full of technology, can you check that before you wander through our beloved city’s icon of knowledge.”

I could have stopped and waited in the line by the time I realized what was going on but, frankly, I didn’t wanna. When it comes to going places you shouldn’t be. Ninety percent of getting in is having the confidence to look like you’re supposed to be there. So I went about pretending I was important enough to be there.

That may be the longest intro to an Amtrekker story ever written. Because, originally I was thinking, wandering past New York style security seemed liked the perfect set-up for talking about the Three Cs. The Three Cs is an important philosophy I’ve insisted on the veracity of for well over a decade now and I’ve yet to talk about it on the site. (And after such a long intro I will CONTINUE to not talk about it on the site.)

In a nutshell: You can do ANYTHING you want to in life if you have enough Confidence, Creativity and Charisma. Details will have to wait for another day because it’s late and…

I’m done.


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What? I finished my book.

2 Replies to “I Think I Stepped in Knowledge”

  1. “Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”
    – Thomas Huxley
    Seemed fitting enough.

  2. “You can do ANYTHING you want to in life if you have enough Confidence, Creativity and Charisma.”

    True That!

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