Toxic Stupidity Spill

Toxic Stupidity Spill

Hey Team,

Here’s a super quick update so I can go jump on a bus real quick and go try to clean up the stupidity spill I caused this morning. (Which, once again, wouldn’t be a problem if I were capable of planning ahead more than half a step. But that’s what makes me so endearing, right? Right? Arrgh.)

Had I looked into the actual logistics of what my head thought sounded like a perfect plan for this week I would have discovered that there is only one bus a day that heads toward the great (I assume) state of South Dakota. And it leaves at 11pm. From New York. Arriving almost two days later.

So suddenly I found myself under a ridiculous time crunch that would either prevent me from driving a race car in South Dakota or going through a coal mine in Pennsylvania. Luckily the coal mine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But several people have already put in the legwork to ensure that the race car adventure happens this Friday. (Which means I assured everyone I’d be there by Thursday. Which is officially impossible unless I can stir up a ride somewhere from the Chicago area. It’s not detrimental to the car racing that I can’t be there on Thursday…I just get to feel like a douche bag for not being somewhere when and where I tell them I will be.)

Bottom line: I’ve got to go bail and grab this bus to Chicago so I don’t have to wait around NY for the 11 o’clock bus when there’s still a small chance I can find alternate transportation out of Chi-town and save a little dignity.

Wish me luck.

(Side note: Charley doesn’t hold a strong enough charge anymore to compress an entire podcast in one sitting without getting some wall juice so the podcast should be up tomorrow instead.)

Okay…seriously. Here goes nothing.

I’m done.


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