Boring Ol’ News, Exciting New Fun

Boring Ol’ News, Exciting New Fun

Hey Team,

Today was a crazy busy day and I’m a little too exhausted to go into much detail. (I have to wake up early and it’s almost early already.) But I have to get the news out there.

I went sailing on the Hudson River today! And to be perfectly honest, once lunchtime came around I was starting to think, “Oh man, I thought sailing was going to be SO much more fun…”

But after lunch the wind started to pick up and things got WAY more interesting. I LOVED it! I seriously can’t wait until tomorrow. And the great thing is it turns out the guys at the Atlantic Yacht Association actually set me up in a full on beginner’s course that comes with some sort of certification on completion.

More on sailing tomorrow.

After that I got a chance to catch up with a couple of the Totally Rad Show guys for a slice of pizza before I had to hightail it back across the city to cleanup before heading back across the town AGAIN to record an audio podcast with the “Dead Air” guys!

Turns out every step of the way on my busy day was a blast!

(Sadly that means I don’t have it in me to write an interesting well thought out post. I JUST learned that as I was rereading. Bummer. I’ll have to make up for in Sunday.)

Thanks for all the usual support, Team. No way would I be able to do this without you.

I’m done.


Buy me a slice of rest?

Don’t let me stop you.

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