Hey Team,

The podcast is compressing but it wont be done before I take off for the live Diggnation taping so it’ll make it up tomorrow morning.

In other news: I realize this is supposed to be cute and cool and make me want to buy watermelons but does this remind anyone else of “Hannibal?” How come 1) This little dude is so happy after having his head bashed in and 2) No one is stopping him from selling off little pieces of his friends whom I can only assume he has murdered?


AND I was so terrified of getting a ticket that you’ll never believe how many shots I had to take before I could get a picture of this sign that wasn’t blurry. New York in a nutshell I guess.


I’ll be here in the “Big Apple” (Do people still call it that?) for the rest of the week thanks to the Atlantic Yachting Association and their incredible offer to teach me to sail this weekend. So if you’re around let me know!

Okay, gotta go!

I’m done.


Buy me a slice of watermelon?

Don’t let me stop you.