#7 See a Live Taping of The Colbert Report! [podcast]

#7 See a Live Taping of The Colbert Report! [podcast]

Hey Team,

It’s HERE! Wait no longer!

Amtrekker travels to New York to see a live taping of The Colbert Report but his podcast is foiled when security takes away his video camera!

What are they hiding from America!

Canned laughter ensues.

Annnd, here’s the YouTube link!


I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

11 Replies to “#7 See a Live Taping of The Colbert Report! [podcast]”

  1. Brett,

    Are you serious…even airport security will let you on a plane with a camera. What are they hiding? You answered the question about how you wash your pants…but I’m curious…how/when do you wash your soccer shorts?

  2. Amtrekker Fans,

    I would like to confirm for you that Brett did indeed wear soccer shorts under his jeans in high school. He referred to the look as “athlete in a can.”

  3. Brett, I like the way your ears twitch when you’re pretending to be angry.

  4. This just in! Popamtrekker quoted as say…”A suit coat and tie, that was not the Amtrekker!” as well as “This thinly vailed imposter was far to handsome to be my son!”

  5. Brett: With or without a tie, You are still #1 Grandson to me and Grandpa. Handsome as ever. And don’t you forget it. Gramamtrekker.

  6. I guess you really do have laughter in a can…

    I thought you meant it metaphorically.

    But the really important question is that are you wearing any pants underneath that desk… Empirical evidence suggests no.

  7. Oh my, Dats a Good ‘en! Do you think Steve T and his cronies will ever view it? Let us hope so. If you don’t support the amtrekker, you don’t support the troops, which means you are a terrorist!

  8. S.T.C. is a saint! Your profligate diatribes against Esteban’s character are blasphemous! That he may (allegedly) be in cahoots with a vigilanty, militant group of bears is an outrageous and unfounded accusation! Steven Colbert is no Bearrorist…and the reason I know this is that… Elliot Spitzer and I were with him that night. Prepare for suits of law, my slanderous foes! Suits. Of. Law.

  9. @jenniva: Magic!

    @Josh: Thanks for backing me up buddy!

    @Inland Empress: PRETENDING?!?!

    @Popamtrekker: Ouch. Just, ouch.

    @Jill: THANKS!

    @Judy: Empirical evidence is often closer to fact than we may or may not want to admit…

    @Mikey: Yeah! So there!

    @ilott the douchebag: Bring it sister!

  10. Teddy Bear! Friggin’ hilarious…

    I do recall that soccer shorts came in handy during the Marathon Monday Madness…

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