Hey Team!

Holy Geez! Twelve hours later and my mind is still going a million miles a minute. I couldn’t even remember most of what I said on Good Morning America today. It was a total out of body experience. However, I finally got a chance to watch the final product a few minutes ago and everything makes a little more sense now.

But where do I start?! The story about how I came to be on GMA is every bit as surreal as actually being interview by Robin Robertson!

I was in the subway with Justin (who I had just met outside the internet for the first time) and his wife. Obviously I had no cell reception. And it was coming up on six o’clock.

The three of us walk up the stairs for their first look at Times Square and predictably I start walking us in the wrong direction…a situation made worse by the sudden incessant ringing of my telephone.

I looked down and realized that I had accrued three text messages and two voicemails in the short time I had been underground. All three texts were from my little sister. Here are the actual texts in the order I read them:

“Oh Oh! Call me call me!!”

Geez, she always says that and then I end up helping her with her math homework.

“Seriously like NOW ASAP someone very very important is trying to get ahold of you”

That’s weird. If it’s that important why don’t they just call me themselves?

“Diane Sawyer wants to interview you tomorrow morning…”


Apparently, the folks over at ABC News had seen another interview I had done and said, “Let’s get that kid on as soon as we can.” Followed closely by, “Oh man, he’s in New York RIGHT NOW!”

So after some private eyeing they came up with my Great Aunt’s phone number. Which led them to my Mom’s work number…where my sister happens to handle the admin and answering phones.

The next six hours were spent on the phone with various producers and writers while trying to balance seeing all the Team Amtrekker folk in NY I had wanted to see. (Ace, the intern that hooked me up with the Colbert Report. Abbey, the Six Flags HR rep that originally told me I only had two days to make it Kingda Ka last October. And Alek the awesome dude that set me up with hang gliding!) Followed closely by me frantically trying to fix any existing bugs on the site and updating any details I had been skipping not to mention a couple urgent phone calls to GoDaddy to make sure I had enough bandwidth to handle all the new visitors.

Bottom line: I got to bed at 3am. The alarm went off at five. And the GMA car picked me up at 5:45. I’ve had exactly two hours of sleep to prepare me for what has easily been the strangest most exciting day of my life to date…

And sadly for you that means I have to take a nap before I write about all the actual GMA hoopla including the chat with Mr. The Donald himself! (That’ll be up tomorrow!)

I’m done.


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