The Brain Treadmill

The Brain Treadmill

Hey Team,

I’m not afraid to say that I’m getting a little frustrated. It seems people don’t drive west during February. It’s too expensive to take the train and frankly my budget is tight enough that I’m not even sure I want to spring for the bus, so I’ve been trying to find rideshares and the like on craigslist.

There ARE people that are going west…eventually. But I hate thinking of sitting around for four or five days just waiting for something to happen. I don’t like to sit still. I like to go. I like to feel productive. Sadly productivity is an ill-defined word in my head. I could sit right here on this couch for two weeks with Charley in my lap and still not catch up with all the behind the scenes work I should be doing. I could sit RIGHT ON THIS SPOT and be more productive than I’ve been to date on this trip.

However, for some reason I would feel much MORE productive if I were on a bus to a place I’ve never been before in the LOOSE hopes that I would be able to find something to cross off the list. I understand there is a disconnect here. It’s like trying to lose calories by walking across the room instead of spending a few hours on the treadmill.

Regardless, I better get back to trying to find a ride. I don’t want to have to sit here and actually do…gulp, work.

Although…it would be kind of nice to not be scrambling around trying to finish the new video at 5:59pm PST this Wednesday. But I’m not sure I know another way to do it.

I guess we’ll see.

I’m done.


P.S. Keep sending in those pictures I mentioned in Hometown Highlights!

OR…help with with a fraction of a bus ticket.

OR…just keep being awesome.

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  1. I have some suggestions. If you want to be productive you could clean my room, or build us a coat rack. Or you could go find a light house and sleep in it! I gave up productivity for lent…

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