Hey Team,

I’ve still been bumming around trying to decide if I want to see the Colbert Report while I’m in the area (they don’t film Friday, Saturday or Sunday) but I’m getting very antsy and would just as soon wait until April when I have to be in New Jersey for the fastest roller coaster in the country. (Remember that good old-fashioned Amtrekker failure?)

So now the “smart(ish)” thing to do would be to head south and take care of some things I have lined up in Florida and Georgia and get out of the cold weather. But I’m actually leaning towards going west. Diggnation is having a live show in St. Louis on the 20th and I’m sure you all know that Alex Albrecht, one of the costars on Diggnation, is also one of the Totally Rad Show guys who have done nothing but help me out time after time, no questions asked on this trip.

So my question is this: Does anyone hanging out between New York and St. Louis over the next week have anything we can cross off together?!

Fun times!

I’m done.



Only YOU can help prevent failure!

Listen to Smokey kids.