Hey Team,

By the time I realized today was already Wednesday again I only had about five hours to get stuff captured, edited, compressed and uploaded which, let me just say, would have been ABSOLUTELY impossible if I had done the survival skills podcast. I have almost an hour and a half of video to go through for that one. So things are going to be happening a little out of order in the video world. That being said: Enjoy the walk to the top of the Empire State Building!

Watch as Amtrekker perseveres against terrible odds and finally completes the self proclaimed “toughest objective on the list!”

He talks. He climbs. He sweats profusely.

I don’t have anything else to say about this podcast. I’m just so freaking ecstatic it got crossed off the list!

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Okey dokey…Here’s the youtube link!

Thanks for watching, everyone!

Go tell the world about Amtrekker.com!

I’m done.


Feel free to help me cross ANOTHER one off the list!

Don’t let me stop you.