Hey Team,

I just had the halfway-across-the-country trek of a lifetime with a REALLY cool family that I hooked up with via craigslist.org but since I promised more info on the Fox Business folk that story will have to wait until tomorrow.

So let’s just jump right into one of the most epic Amtrekker happenings so far:

You kids know the basics. Paul Porowski wrote me early in the week when he found out I was in New York and then took it upon himself to get me on “Happy Hour,” where he’s the associate producer…y’know, like a true Team Amtrekker champ does.

So once things were locked in and Fox knew where to send the car to pick me up (To which I said, “Wait…what?!”) I went into full bore planning mode; i.e. I sat on my computer all day updating some of the behind the scenes stuff on my site not realizing that I didn’t have any clean clothes.

So naturally, about an hour before the car was supposed to pick me up I smelled my shirt and panicked.

A rushed trip to the Laundromat and a frantic run back to meet the car later I was ready to spread some Totally Rad and tell the world about Amtrekker.

When I arrived at the bar where they shoot “Happy Hour” I was feeling good, happy to be alive, proud of my accomplishments and excited to be interviewed…all of these feelings left pretty quickly.

“Where should we put the hotdogs before the segment?” Nicole asked Jen.

“Oh, by the way, we saw that a hotdog eating contest was on your list so we decided you’re going to have a hotdog eating contest with Cody on the air.” Nicole said to Brett.

“Oh crap.” Brett said to himself.

I spent the next forty-five minutes chatting with Larry Winget while secretly trying to decide if there were any positives to vomiting all over myself on national television. I decided that no, there probably weren’t.

Cody and I started fast, him insisting he would win and me KNOWING I would. Of course, it didn’t take long before we both realized how boring it must be to watch two guys silently and vigorously shoving hotdogs past their teeth.

Cody tried to keep count via the number of tiny dogs missing from the plates so naturally the first time he turned his back I made sure a lot more dogs suddenly went missing. All you can see in the video is when I get caught and he reaches into my jacket pocket and pulls out a handful of hotdogs.

Long story short: It turned out to be a blast and not nearly as vomit-filled as I had feared but you’d have to ask Cody yourself what he thought, it’s probably not as much fun when you LOSE.


I’m done.