Talk Show Eating Contest (wait…that sounds wrong)

Talk Show Eating Contest (wait…that sounds wrong)

Hey Team,

I don’t have time to tell you all how awesome my experience with Fox Business and the “Happy Hour” crew was but suffice it to say I can’t thank Paul, Jen, Nicole, Tracy and (to a lesser degree that cheater) Cody enough. I found a spontaneous ride to Chicago tonight in an effort to get closer to Kentucky and a coal so I’ll give them all a proper blogging tomorrow but here’s the video of my segment courtesy of the Fox Business Network!

Thanks everyone!

I’m done.Brett.



9 Replies to “Talk Show Eating Contest (wait…that sounds wrong)”

  1. I have to tell you that I was afraid to watch after talking to you. I didn’t think it could possibly be as funny as the picture I was getting as you told me the story. I stand corrected! I WAS IN STITCHES! Awesome, awesome job by all of You! You guys turned that show upside down. “Your going down Willard” Killed me. Pretty tough act to follow!

  2. Brett,
    I caught the show…I love what you are doing…Continue to follow your heart….BTW, I sent you some lunch money for making me laugh. ellenb

  3. I almost upgraded to uber-awesome-barbarian cable to catch your show, but now I’m glad I didn’t because I watched it here fo free. Kudos Brett, and congratulations. I love you and will forgive you only this once for not visiting Boston when you were so close. But hear me now. Never let it happen again. The Eastern Seaboard is forbidden to you. You are banished forever until such time you return to Boston. Team Douchebag Has Spoken…

  4. Now that is the pinnacle of Amtrekkerism! You are a star (even with that TRS T hangin’ on your frame)! If anyone would like to see the video full-screen, which old guys like me need, you can go to this viewer that allows you to click on the box in the lower right corner and get “the big picture.”

    Good luck in the coal mine, my California Canary!

  5. Thanks everyone! I had a blast on the show but mostly I’m just glad I didn’t come off looking like a schmuck!

    Welcome to the site ellenb!

  6. From what I’ve seen of you, I’m quite sure you don’t have the slightest potential to look like a schmuck. If you could only perceive yourself as your family, friends, and team do! Well, maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. It might make your head swell–nah, I doubt even that would spoil you.

    You’re the most authentic and engaging personality the entire Fox network has aired in at least the past twelve months! You upstaged the hosts without even trying.

  7. Now THAT was totally rad! I really enjoyed that clip. I’m glad Fox posted it on their site. Keep it up man.

    First the Fox Business Channel, then the world!

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