Paging Butt

Paging Butt

Hey Team,

I seem to be in New York. I’m not sure how these things happen. A few hours ago I was still in the relative warmth and comfort of California and undecided as to what New Year’s Eve would bring.

Last night I finally decided to cash in on an offer to join some people in Times Square for New Years (it being so iconic and all) and thanks to Spence and a buddy pass issued to Butt Rounsaville (no joke), I’m sitting in La Guardia Airport typing this update.

I’m not sure what amazes me more. That thanks to an ever growing network I have no qualms about jumping on a plane and heading to a frozen wasteland like New York (you heard me) and assuming I’ll have a place to stay. Or that Butt Rounsaville can check in for his flight in Sacramento, go through an intensive “random” security check with TSA and board two different planes without ever being questioned as to why his ID insists his name is Brett.

Best moment of the night:

[Over the PA in Sacramento]

“Could passenger Rounsaville, B– HAHA–”

“Could passenger Rounsaville please report to the service counter.”


Okay, so if anyone is near the NYC area give me a call or email and we’ll meet up for some New Year’s fun and excitement.

I’m done.


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  1. Thanks, TheKendall, I’m headed vaguely in your direction right now! Want to make a trip up to Chi-town tomorrow?

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