Spare Change

Spare Change

Hey Team,

I was in New York yesterday and feeling pretty disgusting. The day before, I had jogged several miles with my pack, milked a cow, mowed a lawn and slept on a park bench in front of a closed train station. Disgusting is probably an understatement considering I still hadn’t had a chance to shower. But then the most amazing thing happened! A bum asked me for change.

Because this is America, and I know that above all else appearance is what really matters, I can rest easy knowing that at least in one tattered man’s eyes I was still on the winning team. If I can cross 48 and 47/48th more items off my list while still maintaining the appearance of someone that can “spare change” I’ll know I’ve done the best I can. And since I’m still on a cow milking high I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Okay kids, I’ll post some Connecticut pics a little later but most of the last two days have been travel, so for now…

I’m done.


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