The Day the Universe Decided to Punish Me

The Day the Universe Decided to Punish Me

Hey Team,

Today started out pretty typical. I had a clear-cut goal I wanted to accomplish. I had the means and the wherewithal to make it happen. And I was well rested. Then the universe decided that today was the day I got my comeuppance.

Someone, somewhere, decided now was the time to punish me for some unknown but obviously terrible transgressions that I’ve made in my past.

The plan was to swing through Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware (at least) to clean up some missed geocaches before heading westward for a couple bigger list items. I had laid things out pretty well. (Not to pat myself on the back it’s just that you guys know it’s kind of a big deal when I manage to plan anything at all. So, yeah. I was a little proud.) First stop was Hartford, CT and there was a cache that was less than half a mile from the bus station AND another bus leaving for New Jersey 45 minutes later. Plenty of time to hop off, grab the cache and make it back to head out for the next one.

But my batteries died. And as it turns out there’s no such thing as an open store in downtown Hartford on a Sunday. An hour of walking later I finally stumbled across an open Walgreens. I started out .4 miles away from the cache…now I was 2.8 miles away.

Now suddenly I was two hours deep into this 45-minute adventure; I found the geocache without much trouble. But finding my way back to the bus station was another matter. I knew it was near the freeway so I made my way in that direction and made a point of staring blankly at the expanse of concrete once I got there. I had no idea what to do next. Eventually I saw a greyhound drive up an onramp and assumed I needed to go in the opposite direction he was headed.

That’s when it started POURING rain. The streets became rivers almost immediately. After only five minutes of walking towards the nearest shelter I was soaked. No dry spots on my body so I just gave up and continued fording the streets in the pouring rain.

As soon as I made it to the bus station I went to change out of my wet clothes to discover that my bag isn’t quite as water resistant as it once was.

Another bus to New Jersey was on its way.

“Could I get a ticket for Newark please.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Newark. Newark, New Jersey.”

“What was that?”

“I’d like to go to Newark, New Jersey please!”

“Ah! Of course. [*smile*] 4:15, gate 5.”

It was about 4:14 when I was standing in line in front of gate 5 that I stopped to read my ticket more carefully. My ticket to “Newton, MA.”

Turns out I had missed the bus to Newark while I was waiting for the bus to Newton and had to wait ANOTHER hour.

This meant I was lucky enough to catch the bus that sat around in New York City rush hour traffic for hours until I missed my connection to Delaware in Newark.

Which is why, in a nutshell, I spent last night wandering around the streets of 1996’s titleholder for Most Dangerous City in America in the cold and rain. Because suddenly I was stuck in a town I knew nothing about, where I knew no one and it was too late to make new friends.

Sorry if this post is a little jumbled and bitter. I’m pretty exhausted right now. But on the upside today can only be better!

I’m done.


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6 Replies to “The Day the Universe Decided to Punish Me”

  1. you should thank wikipedia/katymoe for your newark fun-facts. 🙂 too bad google didn’t have anything on “where to sleep for free in newark,nj”…

  2. She told me that one day she just decided to stop eating it. She might as well have told me that one day she decided that she didn't need a pancreas. I sat myself in front of the television to watch an episode of “Super Nanny. …

  3. My crush on Rhett Butler translated into little hearts and RB
    doodled all over my school exercise book, which my convent school considered a
    serious flaw and punished me for it. I have read Gone With the Wind over
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  4. You are forced to pause in wonder at the mental universe of someone who could … to ensure that people are properly punished for vandalising war memorials. …

  5. You are forced to pause in wonder at the mental universe of someone who could … to ensure that people are properly punished for vandalising war memorials. …

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